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In Search Of Monster Carp
Sutton early fish.
picked up my bait. Well all of a sudden
the duck took off, but my buzzer kept
going, and it wasn’t connected to this
bird. So I went down there and struck
into the fish, which went left and out
into open water. Now I knew this was
a big fish, and since Terry felt that he
had lost Blind Eye earlier on that
morning, I reckoned it could be one of
the Gerties – it could have been a
new lake record. I played this fish for
some time, and I had probably ten or
12 people standing round me, and the
nerves set in. I was using B175’s with
nylon hook links, and there were
loads of brambles straying into the
water, and different things were going
through my mind, such as, did I strike
hard enough, or is it hooked properly?
Well ten minutes later, maximum, I
got this fish in the net, and I’d got
Blind Eye again. Funnily enough, just
after Terry had lost that fish, Len Gurd
turned up because he was doing an
article with Terry in the Back Pads.
Well he’d got his muff microphone
and he was in the process of doing all
the interviewing. Len ran round, and
as you will see on “Searching for the
Big Blue One”, one of Lee and Terry’s
videos, he videoed me playing the
fish, and actually kindly sent me a
copy of it, which I will treasure for the
rest of my life. But I landed the fish,
we took photos, and it was 42lb 10oz,
and a winter capture of a stunning
fish. As I said, it’s on my wall, and I
must admit when you look at the two
pictures, which Rob may put in the
magazine, they look like two totally
different fish; they’re fantastic. In the
photo of the winter capture, it’s
bronze, it looks more toned, and with
more muscle, whereas the summer
capture, it just looks like a fat bloater
to be honest with you. Don’t get me
wrong; it’s a lovely fish, but it’s not
got the veins and the creases in its
skin that it had in the winter capture.
That was one hell of a memory.
I don’t want to get too blasé here,
but I have been lucky enough to hook
most of the fish on that venue. I’ve
had the Unknown at 33lbs, which
hasn’t actually been caught the last
fourteen months, but it’s biggest
weight is 41lbs. I’ve had the Small
Gertie at 37lbs, and that went on to be
40lbs. I never caught the Big Gertie;
she died a couple of years ago, but
she was 45lbs at her peak, and as I
said earlier on, she’s still the lake
record. I have had The Beast at 28lb
too, and now that’s close on the 37lbmark. The Brown fish is one I have not
had, which is around the 37lb-mark
too, and the Big Common. We’ll get
onto big commons later on, so we
won’t mention that, and then there’s
The Peach. Now onto my first 30lb’er
– bear in mind I’ve had those two
40’s, and I’d not had a 30lb’er. Now, a
couple of years had gone by, and I
caught quite a few 20’s and bits and
pieces, but I’d not had a 30lb’er. This
lake at the time had got probably ten
30’s in it, and I’d not been lucky
enough to catch one. Now I had been
fishing over in the Hole, which is on
the river bank which borders DDAPS,
and obviously it’s a nice piece of the


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