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In Search Of Monster Carp
lake where there are only three
swims, and it controls a lot of water.
Again I was fishing washing up liquid
bottle tops, with foam in the rings,
and enjoying my fishing. It was quite
warm for a February day when I’d
caught Blind Eye, the birds were
singing etc, but a couple of weekends
had passed by then, and it had gone
back to winter. It was thick fog; I
couldn’t see two rod-lengths out, and
to be honest with you in normal circumstances most people would have
gone home, but I stayed there, as I
was addicted to my carp fishing. I
was in a swim that I liked fishing, and
the majority of the bottom in front of
me was thick black silt, with very few
features, not close in anyway, other
than bushes to the left and right. I had
walked down to the Dug Out, the
adjacent swim to my right, had a cup
of tea and a chat with one of the lads,
and I heard a bleep. Now if I remember rightly this was late afternoon,
around 3pm, with many hours left ‘til
dark. The way I was fishing with slack
Sutton early fish.
lines and washing up liquid bottle
tops, a beetle could have hit the line
and I would have got a bleep, so I
doubt a fish could have taken without
me knowing it. So I walked up to my
rods, and yes I’d had a beep, as the
bobbin had moved a little bit, not a
great deal. I had a running lead on
there, probably a 2oz or 3oz lead; I
looked at the line in the water, and it
was at 90 degrees. Now anything that
had touched that line would have
moved that bobbin or given me an
indication, but this fish had picked up
the bait and moved it 90 degrees, and
I reckon in excess of 40-50ft.
Now the rod was bent over, and I
was playing this fish in thick fog; it
was cold, and I couldn’t believe I was
playing a fish. I had a fantastic battle,
probably at the time it was one of the
best fights I had ever had in my life,
but I had to be very careful. I think at
the time I was using 10lb line, and
there were snags left and right, and
you can’t pull a fish of any size too
much, although I was still using those
soft rods. I landed it, and it was a
common. At that time, the biggest
common I had caught was probably
not even a 20; it was probably high
teens. In those days commons were
not common as the word says; they
were a rare little bugger. It’s said that
most lakes hold a big common, but
it’s normally fiction rather than fact.
There are plenty of 20’s in Sutton, but
not any really big ones, but there’s
one stuck in my mind, called the
Peach, a fantastic fish. You know
exactly which fish it is, and we
weighed it 33lbs; I was gobsmacked.
Now this fish has gone on to be 41lbs
currently, and it has not been caught
for 18 months. It wasn’t caught at the
end of the season when it normally
comes out, but it has been seen, and
some may think it’s a little spawnbound, as it is a female fish. Unfortunately the carp didn’t spawn last
spring, which is detrimental to the
fish. We must, if possible, let fish
spawn I my view. If I had a water, or
was in control of Sutton, and if I


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