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Fishing In The Edge
ishing in the edge is
something I have only
really started to capitalise on; I often kick
myself for not realising
the potential of margin
fishing much earlier on in my quest
for carp. There are many huge advantages of fishing in the edge over other
areas of the lake, but first I shall tell
you a little about how all this edge
fishing came about for me in the first
place. It was June 2004, and I had just
received my Cemex Fox Pool ticket.
Apart from the planes, I found the
pool to be mesmerising, in beautiful
surroundings, and absolutely gin
clear, let alone the real sense of history the place had. However after my
third 48-hour session I started to think
something was up. I was getting
plenty of activity over my spots in the
middle – liners, bubbling and fish topping etc, but nothing ever materialised. Once I had convinced myself I
was getting done, I spent at least the
next six 48-hour sessions changing
rigs and playing about with everything I could think of to try to get a
bite from these obviously cute carp. I
couldn’t even catch a tench at the
time, and started doubting everything
I had been successful on for many
Now at the time I was working at
Bury Hill in Dorking, helping build
their new lake, Temple, along with
several other guys, one of them being
Dave Smithers, a very good angler,
but a noddy. As time went by I was
subjected to more and more piss tak-
ing from Dave and the others, probably due to my slightly overconfident
attitude towards the start of the season. After a while I told noddy Dave
about the problems I was incurring
(Above) Fox Pool Fully.
(Below) Dream come true – my first
30lb common.


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