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Fishing In The Edge
(Left) The No.1 fish. I will let you
decide the weight.
(Below) Little Lumpy from The Ruins.
up at the pool, and he told me that I
had been fishing like a crazy fool, or
words to that effect. He said, quite
simply, fish in suitable areas in the
margins, watch and observe, and the
fish will tell you everything you need
to know to catch them. It was over
three weeks into my campaign on the
pool, and I had nothing to show for
my efforts, so I decided to give what
noddy Dave suggested a try.
The following week I made my way
back to the pool armed with 3kg of
prepared hemp and two cans of corn.
My plan was to bait lots of suitable
looking areas in the margins, and just
creeping round the lake checking the
spots as I went. I started off in a swim
called The Perch, and put two scoops
of hemp and corn 6ft out from the
bank straight in front of the swim, in
about 7-8ft of water. The second the
first scoop of bait hit the water two
large carp between 28-32lbs
appeared instantly from the weed. I
froze on the spot and watched as
these beautiful dark fish circled and
watched the bait land on the deck.
The two fish never ate a grain, but
just made a mental note of where it
was. Now their immediate attention
was on how the bait got there, the fish
instantly swam towards me high in
the water and said, “Hello, I can see
you, you mug!” Bollocks, I thought! I
had only been there 30 seconds, and I
have already given the game away! I
carried on around the lake baiting
areas as I went. An hour or two
passed, and I found myself back in


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