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In Search Of Monster Carp
e continue
with part 2 of
story this
month, as
Pete moves on from Darenth to
Pete: Another place we went to
was Sutton in the early days, Suttonat-Hone, a tiny little water. It didn’t
have the fish in it like it has now, but
I did fish it, and Dedaps as well; I
fished there a couple of times, but not
so much as Darenth. It was the good
old days, and then I moved off. I knew
Longfield had been open for a couple
of years, and there had been one or
two nice fish coming out of there. And
then of course there was Yateley, and
these were all new waters at the time.
Anyway, that’s what I liked about the
closed season in those days, being
able to go and explore different
waters, just looking. I went round
Longfield and I saw all those fish in
the water, and I thought bloody hell,
there are some big fish here. I remember walking round, and I bumped into
a guy who I knew from Darenth, Bob
the Dustman I think they called him,
that was his nickname anyway. He
was walking around, and I said to
him, “What do you think about the
size of the fish?” He said, “Those two
there, they’ve got to be 30lb’ers.” In
my mind I probably counted about 60
fish, and this is in the early days. Anyway, it all went into the old brain matter, and got stored away.
I don’t remember where we went,
but we went off and fished somewhere else, and then I thought to
myself, I’ll go and have another look at
Longfield. So I went back there (I
don’t know what season it was), and
we decided, Kenny and I, that we
would bait up Longfield, Yateley, and
Harefield, baiting up the three in the
closed season. It took us hours, but
we would do that two or three times a
week. I think we started off on Longfield; they were close in, and I had a
couple of fish. There was what I called
wildie-type fishing at the time, and I
caught a couple of them on float in
the margins. I remember there were a
few chub in there at the time as well,
and we used to climb up the alder
tree and fire out these floaters. When
they plopped down, the first fish up
were the chub. We fished there, and
we had one or two fish out. I remember this one particular day, I fired out
the floaters, and we used to have a job
getting them so stay up in the weed;
we used to try all sorts of things, trying to keep them up. Anyway I got my
floater up onto the surface, and
thought right, I’ll leave that there. I
went up to the top of the alder tree to
see if there was anything, and then all
of a sudden I saw this big one, which
at the time it was the biggest fish in
the lake. I saw him come, and twice
he had a go at my marker. I thought
he was going to have my floater, and
by the time I got down the tree it was
too late; he had had it and gone. Then
Kenny caught it, and when it got netted out and put into Horton, it was
called the Lady. That was the biggest
fish we saw in there in all the time we
fished it, so where all those 60-odd
30lb’ers had gone, I do not know, but
(Top) Bivvied up on Longfield in the
(Left) Early Longfield common.


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