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In Search Of Monster Carp
(Left) Longfield.
(Below) 21lb 6oz, Jan ’74, Longfield.
they definitely were there. This particular season, which was a year or two
after, the Lady was the biggest fish,
and it was about 26lbs, something
like that, but I know Kenny had it.
Then it was a few years after that
they drained Yeoveney down, probably a couple of years after.
Anyway, as I say, we were baiting
up Longfield, and again in the closed
season I saw a big fish in Yateley. I
saw it two or three times, and I put it
around the 35lb-mark, and obviously
that was Bazil in the North Lake. It
didn’t have a name then, but we saw
it, and we put it on the backburner for
another time. I think we were more
interested in Harefield, because it had
a done a 35lb’er the year before. We
went and had a look, and quite liked
the look of it, so we were baiting all
these lakes. I’ve gone wrong somewhere, because I can remember we
started off one year on Longfield, and
then another year, this particular year
I am thinking of now, we started off on
Harefield at the start of the season.
We did the first two weeks at Harefield; we got there a couple of days
early, trying to beat the crowd.
Because we had been there baiting
up, we knew that the farmer had his
cows in the field; it wasn’t as big as it
is now, and they were still working it.
On the way, I stopped off at some
roadworks and nicked their metal
post things with the hooks on the top
so I could put a rope round the swim,
as I didn’t want the cows treading on
my rods. But anyway, we got there a
couple of days early, and there was
one bloke already there, set up in
what they call the Caravan Bay or the
Workings Bay, something like that. He
saw us setting up, and he came round
and he started chatting. He had fished
it for about seven years; I think he had
had one fish out, and he was telling us
how hard it was. He was going on
and on, and I said to Ken, “Do you
think he’s trying to put us off, Ken?”
and we laughed.
Anyway to cut a long story short,
Kenny had the best one, 29lb something, and a lovely fish it was. I had a
26lb’er I think, and lost a couple on
the bars because the bars were
bloody horrendous. The next day, a
day before the season, Johnny Allen
and Colin Martins turned up and
started setting up. Of course we knew
them, so we were having a good old
chat, but yeah, I think we only did the
first fortnight on there, and then
moved off to somewhere else, but it
was good. As I say, it wasn’t anywhere near as big as it is now – half
the size probably. I met a few people,
a guy called Jerry Giles, Action Man,
who was fishing there, and he was
fishing with Fred’s bait. Oh I’ll tell you
who was on there, a guy called Pete
Bradley from Redmire from years
before. He would be fishing on the


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