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In Search Of Monster Carp
(Left) Longfield.
(Below) Kenny with The Lady at
I did have a couple of big eels out, and
my Dad said to me, when I had spoken to him about eels before, that he
liked eating them, so I thought I’d
take them home for my Dad. I put
them in my Hessian sack, took them
h o m e, b r o u g h t t h e m o u t i n t h e
kitchen, and my Dad nearly had a fit,
“I didn’t mean live eels, I meant jellied
eels!” So I put them in the pond up
the top of the road, but they were
about 4-5lbs – unbelievable.
As I say, we went off, and I’ve got a
feeling we might have fished Yateley
then, but I was flitting about around
all of them for a few years at Yateley in
the early days. You wouldn’t believe
it, but you weren’t allowed to night
fish it. The head bailiff there had an
old Rover 90, and I had an old Rover
90, and I got on with him. If you had a
word with him, he would let you night
fish, and I used to be able to drive up
the Causeway, up to the North Lake. I
remember walking round Yeoveney,
and Tom Mintram and his mate Vincent I think his name was, were buildCauseway Bank and his wife, at least
I presume it was his wife, or girlfriend,
used to hump all the gear around for
him. I thought he’d got it made! If he
was packing up, she would pack it all
away and take it back to the car, and
he was still there fishing, and the last
thing to come in would be his rods.
In between all that we were fishing
at Yeoveney. In the very early days it
was known as a good 20’s water, and
a lot of people fished it. There were
quite a lot of people fishing it who
fished on Redmire, like Johnny Carver
for one, Tom Mintram, and a few others. I am going back to when we were
free-lining and using Gold Strike
hooks – do you remember them? You
had to try and sharpen them up. A
bloke came up to me, and he’d done
about 37 nights without a fish – they
was the sort of things you used to
make a note of, how long people had
gone without catching. But there was
one bloke, I think his name was Mole,
a mate of Johnny Carver’s, and I
couldn’t believe how far he could
cast, just free-lining – he used to
really be able to throw a bait out. I
remember one day, I hooked a couple
of fish, and they straightened up my
Gold Strikes, and I couldn’t believe it.


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