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In Search Of Monster Carp
We used to walk round it, and then
one particular day, I saw quite a number of fish on the surface up in the top
end in the weed. We had a bit of
floater cake with us, and we fired out
a couple of bits, but they just weren’t
interested. That week I made up a
couple of floater cakes, cut them up
into quarter inch cubes, and just filled
it in with floater cake, just to try and
get them onto it. We baited up with
Robin Red, but we didn’t think they
knew what it was, so we didn’t really
fish it, we fished luncheon meat and
corn, and the takes we were getting
on luncheon meat were unbelievable.
We were striking and there was nothing there; we just couldn’t work it out.
Anyway, I went back with the floater
cake, filled the weedbed in, and there
were bits of floater cake all over the
place. I sat there for hours, and there
were fish mooching about, but not
taking any notice whatsoever. Then
all of a sudden one took a little bit,
then I saw another take a little bit,
and then they started to take, but
there was no enthusiasm so I never,
ever got to fish for them off the top.
I remember we fished it from June
right through to September with
nothing apart from the couple of fish
we had caught, and Kenny said he
was going to go down and stay with
my mate Johnny Perkins for a week. I
don’t know if I went down there, but
anyway, he decided he was going to
go down to John’s, and I thought to
myself, oh well, if he’s going down
there, I’ll go round the other side of
the lake. It was about a mile walk, I
took six rods, and it nigh on killed me
getting my gear round there and then
trying to bait up six rods. I thought
this is ridiculous, so I gave that idea
up. I did find another place to park my
car though, but it meant going across
the railway track – well, when I say
car, I mean Hoover van. That was
(Top) Kenny with Shoulders at
(Right) Twitcher hitting!


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