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All Things Riggy
(Above) The finished rig.
(Top right) The Curly Wurly swim.
(Below) A recent 37lb 3oz on the rig.
grabbing the drawstring, shook the
unmistakable tail of the stunning
Dustbin into the net. Again the hook
was buried, and after the weighing
and photographs, I put on a new rig to
which I had to attach the same pop
up that the Dustbin had picked up, as
it was my last one buoyant enough for
this rig to sit properly, and I cast back
onto the spot. Less than 12 hours later
I completed my best ever brace with
the capture of Chunky in the early
hours, falling to the same rod. Chunky
weighed 42lb 12oz, with the Dustbin
weighing in 2lbs lighter at 40lb 12oz.
That was enough proof for me that
the rig was effective when put in the
right spot at the right time.
Having pretty much used boilies
exclusively for the past year or so, this
rig has played a major part in quite a
few of my captures. I have made a
few slight alterations to maximise the
rig’s effectiveness even further, with
the main one being a hook change.
I’ve used a size 6 Korda Kurv Shank
for this rig, and with the in-turned eye,
exceptionally sharp straight point,
and extra gape due to its shape, it has
benefited the rig immensely. The
other changes are that I first replaced
the rig ring on the hook to a size 20
micro swivel so the bait had extra
movement, and now I'm currently
going one step further and using one
of the hook ring swivels that Thinking
Anglers produce.
By threading the floss firstly
through the eye of the swivel before
pulling through the pop up, I can pull
the swivel into the hookbait as far as
the barrel of the swivel. This enables
the bait to fly down the shank and
keep out of the way of the point once
the hook makes contact with the
carp’s mouth. The other change is to
drop down from a size 11 to a size 20
Korda micro swivel at the hook end of
the boom. This just makes it more
finesse and neater.
I do also add a Thinking Anglers
hook bead on the pop-up section of
hooklink just above the micro swivel.
This just keeps the boom section
close to the bead as opposed to riding
up against the eye of the hook. I’m
sure the rig would always fall and
land correctly with a pop-up at one
end and the putty weighted bead at
the other, but again it’s a peace of
mind thing. From the end of August
this rig helped me to four 30's in as
many weeks, topped by a cracking
37lb 3oz mirror, which turned out to
be my biggest of 2008. This rig does
take a while to tie up correctly, but a
bit of time and patience plus using it
in the right situation can pay dividends over a standard rig. n


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