FL09June - Page 105

In Search of Monster Carp
e join John
this month as
he recalls
some of his
Savay memories. Another little story that comes to
mind is the night of the hurricane in
October 1987.
You may have read about it, or you
may know about it. It wasn’t forecast
this hurricane; it came right out of the
blue, and nobody knew it was going
to show. There was talk about a hurricane, but a weather forecaster called,
funnily enough, Michael Fish, said
there was no way it was going to happen, and nobody thought any more of
it. Anyway, I was fishing every night,
but that particular night I was actually sleeping in the cabin over on the
island. I used to have a sounder box
that was wired back into the hut, and
I’ll never forget this, but suddenly I
had a run. I didn’t know there was a
hurricane going on; I was asleep, and
when I say a run, I mean it was horrendous – all the rods were going! I
jumped up half asleep and ran out of
the hut. There were two stairs that
came down from the hut, the wind
34lb 4oz.
was coming from my left, and it
caught hold of me and nearly had me
in the lake. I was looking across the
Cottage Bay down to where the Road
Bank is, and all I could see were
sparks and lights on the main road
where all the telegraph poles were
down, and the electric cables were
bouncing about on the road.
I scooped all three rods in my arms
and just backed up into the hut. I bit
the lines off – I didn’t know what to
do, and I thought to myself, I’ve got to
get out of the hut because it looks like
it’s gonna go. I mean it was a wellbuilt hut; we had it on scaffold boards
Stock fish.


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