FL09June - Page 106

In Search of Monster Carp
37lb 8oz.
36lb 2oz.
with railway sleepers across them; it
was a heavy thing, but it really looked
to me like it was going to go. I
decided the thing to do was get out of
the hut and get on the end of the
island so that no trees could hit me. It
was like The Wizard of Oz, with big
bales and that blowing around, 15ft in
the air – it was horrendous. I’ve never
seen anything like it, and never seen
anything nearly approaching it; it was
just incredible this particular night.
So as I came out of the hut to walk
down to the end of the island, I was
fighting the wind with the help of the
trees in front of me. The biggest tree
on the island was behind the hut; it
was on its way down, and I didn’t
know which way to run, left or the
right, as I could see it falling. Anyway,
it crashed down to my left, and went
straight through the raft. So now, not
only was I out in the hurricane, but
the boat had already blown across the
lake – it was somewhere right down
the other end of the Cottage Bay. It
went up in the air like an umbrella,
but luckily enough, it landed bottom
down, and didn’t sink. Anyway, getting back to the wind, I got on to the
end of the island and stood where the
only trees and stuff that could hit me
would be from the small island. There
were branches blowing past like tumbleweed that you see in a cowboy
film. This went on for quite a while,
and then suddenly, it stopped. It
stopped almost dead and everything
went warm; it seemed like everything
was really quiet because all the noise
had gone.
I walked round to the front of the
hut again, and I was standing there
trying to work things out. First of all I
thought it was a bomb or something;
I just couldn’t work it out and as I was
standing there thinking, I could hear
this terrible noise off to my left, over
where Cakebread’s farmhouse was.
There is a copse of trees there, the
wind had slightly changed direction
and was coming again, and all I could
hear were the trees crashing and
bashing down over Cakebread’s
place. A terrible night without a
doubt, and it blew again for another
half an hour maybe, but it seemed like
hours, and I was marooned on the
Come morning, I had to swim off
the island. Bruce Ashby was fishing in
the Cottage Bay, and there were quite
a few boys on the lake. Bruce was


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