FL09June - Page 110

In Search of Monster Carp
37lb 12oz.
Two 30’s in the net
name. I had been fishing there for
about a fortnight and hadn’t had a
bite. Arriving on the lake one afternoon, it didn’t look a particularly nice
day; it was dreary, more of the same of
what I’d had for the last few weeks, so
I wasn’t really expecting to catch to
be truthful with you. Anyway I cast
out; it was about three o’clock, and
the wind was blowing quite strong in
a northerly direction so I got in the
bivvy and put the kettle on. Anyway, I
was sitting there waiting for it to boil
when one of the Optonics gave a couple of beeps, and I looked out at the
lake to see if something had fouled
my line, because there was a fair wind
blowing now, but suddenly it was out
of the clip and away. I picked up my
rod, bent into a fish, and it felt like a
good one, moving off very, very slowly.
I turned its head without any trouble
more or less, just pumped him back,
and it went in the net first time with
no problem at all. It looked a big fish,
and as I lifted him out, I knew he was
a 30 – I had caught him before at 33lb
12oz, and they call him the Thick
Head Fish. On the scales he weighed
35lb 4oz, and I was well pleased as
you can imagine. I noticed he was
covered in leeches, a sure sign he’d
been lying up for a while. I took a few
photos of him, and dropped him back.
The hook bait was still ok, so I tied
on a couple more stringers and cast it
straight out to the same spot. I put
the rod back in the rest, turned on the
Optonic, and it just screamed away
again immediately – I hadn’t even put
the bobbin on. The fish had picked up
the lot; the PVA and everything, and it
was so strong, I could do nothing but
give it line. It ran over the two bars
that were in front of me, and I knew
that meant trouble, so gradually I
coaxed him back over both bars until
he was about 50yds out, still full of
fight. I took my other rod off the rest
and dipped it into the water, as I
wanted it out of the way before he
came close in, just in case he decided
he wanted to charge up and down the
margin. Eventually he was under the
rod tip, swirled on top, and I netted
him first time. On the scales he registered just over 23lb, and a few more
photographs were taken before I
returned him.
I checked my leader and it seemed
to be ok, so I thought I had better pick
my other rod up that was lying down,
the one I took off the rest. Believe it or


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