FL09June - Page 112

In Search of Monster Carp
Original 33lb.
not, the line had gone slack, and I was
into another one, weighing 16lb 8oz. I
finally cast out again and got the tea
on, trying to get the kettle boiled, and
then I was away again. I got this one
to the net where I could see it was
one of the Italians, and just when I
thought I could do no wrong, the hook
Stockie common.
pulled out. I was well disappointed as
you can imagine, but that’s fishing.
Anyway on that session, I had fish of
35lb 4oz, 23lb, 22lb, 21lb, 21lb 12oz,
20lb 4oz 18lb 4oz, and 16lb 8oz plus I
lost two fish, so winter fishing can be
alright at times.
Another time I was winter fishing
there, well, I say winter fishing; it was
really the end of the season, the last
week in fact, and I was down for
seven nights. I’d had a look up and
down the island, and a lot of the boys
were fishing actually, a lot of the
swims were taken. Peter Broxup was
in the Bailiff’s Bush, and a lot of the
swims along the Colne were taken. In
fact there were a lot of people down,
what with it being the last week of
the season. Anyway I went down to
the sluices off the Long Island, and
looking across there, I saw some
b r e a m t o p p i n g. I s a t t h e r e a n d
watched them for a while, but I didn’t
see any carp. I went back to Peter for
a chat, and he said he’d done no good
so far. I sat there having a cup of tea
and one thing and another, and he
said, “Where you going to go?” I said,
“I don’t like fishing opposite people.”
Rob might have said earlier on that I
don’t like people fishing in front of me,
and I don’t particularly like fishing in
front of them, so if I can’t fit in somewhere, rather than go in there and
cast short, I try and go somewhere
else if at all possible. It looked to me
that the sluices were going to be
really one of my last options, and I


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