FL09June - Page 113

In Search of Monster Carp
thought to myself if there are bream
feeding there, and there were quite a
few, and big ones too, maybe the old
carp might come along and push
them out.
I remember reading something that
Mike Wilson wrote years ago about
the feeding pyramid as he called it,
where you keep on baiting up with
the particles; you get the small fish in,
then the bigger fish come in and push
them out, and then the even bigger
fish come in and push them out, and I
thought there might be something in
it. So I thought, right, I’ll give it a shot.
I never used to put a lot of bait in during wintertime, and they’d obviously
found the food, so I just cast my hookbaits out, and maybe put 10-15 baits
around them. Incidentally, you’re only
allowed two rods on the Long Island.
I was fishing 12in hooklinks to a fixed
lead, but I was letting the line drop,
and just fishing fairly slack. I sat there
watching, and suddenly I saw the line
start to lift, and then it dropped back
again. It pulled tight again and it
dropped back again, and I sat there
watching it. It kept pulling up and
dropping back, and I thought to
myself that it must be the bream hitting the line. There were so many
bream out in front of me that they had
to be fairly close. Where I was fishing
to the opposite margin, my rods were
25-30yds apart, but then suddenly my
other line started picking up and
dropping back, so I thought it was
definitely the bream. They must have
been fairly close to me, because you
know, as your lines go out the distance between them gets greater.
Anyway, they kept on lifting these
lines so I thought I’d hit one of them
just out of curiosity, so I struck, and
bosh, I was into a carp straight away
– I couldn’t believe it. Anyway no
sooner was it on than it was off again,
Red Fish 39lb.


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