FL09June - Page 116

In Search of Monster Carp
Winter fish off the point.
bi g,” o r w ha te v e r. A ny w a y, I ’v e
decided to talk about some of the fish
that I have seen in there over the
years when I have been either with
people, or have been by myself, and
one of the things I remember seeing, I
did have a witness on this particular
incident. I remember I was fishing in
the Birches, and Bob Morris was fishing in a swim a little bit further down
called the Sunken Island. Bob came
walking down to me and he said,
“Have you seen anything?” I said,
“No, no good here at all.” He said, “I’ve
got a fish in front of me on that
Sunken Island, and you won’t believe
how big it is.” He said, “Come down
and have a look; it’s a big, black fish.”
So I walked down with Bob, and
climbed up a tree in his swim to peer
down on the Sunken Island. He was
in the bottom part of the tree, I was in
the top, and I could see some fish,
which looked to me like high 20’s, and
maybe the odd 30, but I hadn’t really
seen what he was talking about. I
said, “Yeah, I can see them, Bob,” but
he said, “No, no, it’s a big black one
and it isn’t there – keep watching.”


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