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In Search of Monster Carp
Anyway, to cut a long story short, it
didn’t show – I didn’t see this black
fish, and when I came down the tree,
Bob said to me, “I thought it was two
fish, but after watching it, I realised it
was just the one fish and that’s why I
came down to tell you.” So I said,
“Yeah, there are some big’uns in
here,” and I thought no more of it
Then as a few years went by, we
had a couple of brothers called the
Killens fishing on the lake, and one of
them told me they’d seen a big black
fish underneath the snag bush down
in the sluices. Bernie Heerey was
with him, who was a friend of theirs,
and they all came from the same part
up by the Weald somewhere. They
had all seen this fish, and I spoke to
Johnny Killen about it, and he said to
me, “This fish is enormous. I’m telling
you, it’s like a sea lion in the water; I
have never seen anything like it.” So I
said, “Well how big do you put it,” and
he said, “I just don’t know, I couldn’t
put a weight on it – it’s far bigger than
anything I have ever seen.” These
boys had been fishing Savay for a few
years, and they had seen a few fish on
the bank, so I said, “Well, 40lb?” They
said, “50lb.” I said, “No,” but they said,
“Without a doubt.”
Years went by and I thought no
more of the black fish, and then one
day I was standing on Alcatraz with
one of the syndicate boys, Big Roger,
and a black fish came out of the water
right smack bang in front of us. I saw
it come out, and Roger saw it, and
then it came out again, and without a
doubt the fish was a 50lb’er. If I had to
put a weight on it, I would say it was
between 50lb and 55lb, and Roger
thought the same. I know it’s hard to
put a weight on a fish when it jumps
out of the water, but when it’s only
30yds in front of you and two of you
are looking at it, you know you’re seeing something special, and I think it’s
the same fish that the Killens and Bob
Morris were talking about.
Let me tell you, one week in the
closed season, Steve Reeves who’s
one of the Savay bailiffs was with me
in a punt in the Cottage Bay. We’d put
some small stock fish in that particular year, and we were out there
watching them. The wind blew the
punt towards the reeds, and in doing
so, we trapped a fish between the
reeds and the punt, and Steve and I
both saw it clearly. It was very, very
shallow water, and it had to thrash to
get out between the reeds and the
punt, and it was a great big black fish.
Steve Reeves reckons it was 4ft long,
and I think he was exaggerating a bit,
but it was a big, big fish, and it’s never
been caught. There are one or two big
black ones in there; we’ve had a black
fish out of there at 47lb, but that was
a deep fish, and it definitely wasn’t
the long one that these boys had been
talking about. I am going back to the
early 80’s when this fish was seen,
but there are certainly some fish in
Savay that don’t get caught.
Join us next time as John describes
his sightings of some true Savay legends. n


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