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1) Danny Johnson – I was fishing the famous Sandhurst Lake or a
team social with Viper Tackle. We were there for 48 hours. I was
fishing peg 1 called the Secret Swim. After arriving in the morning,
I had a good look around and saw some fish showing at around
80 yards, so I got the marker rod out, and after a few leads about,
I found a deep silt patch. I decided to put a Northern Baits 15mm
Evolution pop-up on a Ronnie rig using a Viper Tackle Curve
Shank hook and put a few freebies out with the throwing stick.
After seeing multiple shows in the area, I decided to leave the bait
out throughout the day and night, and then just after sunrise, I had
a single beep and then an aggressive take, which resulted into a
lovely common weighing in at 31lb 2oz and a new PB.
2) Aaron Cameron – I recently visited Farlows Lake for a 72-hour
session. I managed to get a good swim, peg 43, where fish was
showing a lot at 100 yards out. I started fishing with PVA bags and
a few Spombs of bait to get them feeding. I had landed two
bream, and the fish kept breaking the surface, so I changed
tactics and kept one rod on the bottom fishing a chod and had
two zigs at 5ft and 6ft. I had takes on both zigs and sadly lost the
fish, but I was finally rewarded with a stunning scale perfect 20lb
common on a Viper Tackle red zig aligner and red foam with a size
10 wide gape hook.
4) Adam Baxter – After the loss of the big common, I wanted to
get down to the local and pick up where I left off, so when I arrived
at the lake and saw it was empty, I was made up! I went to my
favourite spot and cast to the snags where I had previously lost
the big common. It took an hour or so before my alarm sprang into
3) Wesley Leadbeater –I decided to pop down to my local day
life, resulting in a recapture at 17lb’er, so while the fish was in my
ticket water for a few hours and managed two fish, the biggest
net, I unhooked him and changed the rig to a multi-rig with the
being 21lb 12oz, a recapture of a common called Patch. Both
Viper wide gape SPT hook. I then cast back out to the snags, and
were taken on the Ronnie rig using the Viper Curve Shank. All I
it was literally five minutes after slipping the lumpy mirror back
can say is get on the Viper Tackle – it’s strong and reliable, and
that I had a massive screaming run. I knew as soon as I lifted into
you won’t be disappointed.
it that it was a big carp, and after fighting it for a little while, I
landed the big common! I instantly phoned my cousin Mark to
come and do the pics. This is the king of the
lake, and at 23lb 5oz, I was more than happy
CC Moore Live System and a Dairy Supreme
5) Liam Potton – I did an
pop-up on a small multi rig did the business as
overnight session at a local
syndicate in Hertfordshire at
the weekend. I was fishing
tight to some reeds with a
Ronnie rig using the Viper
curve shank hooks topped
with pop-up corn. I put out a
small scattering of
sweetcorn around my rods.
Throughout the session, I
landed five lovely looking
mirrors with the biggest
being 14lb 12oz. Weight is
completely irrelevant when
they look like this.
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