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The End of the Innocence
by Keith Jenkins
o, you came back for
m o r e. We l l d o n e. B u t
r e m e m b e r, n o b o d y
forced you, so I can’t be
responsible for any possible side effects. Gonna
have to start off on the serious side
this month I’m afraid, and it relates
back to something from last month,
which was that horrendous threehook rig. Well, I don’t know if you’ve
been keeping up with Carp-Talk, but
at the same time that I was writing
about that rig, Simon Crow was penning an article about a dead carp he
dragged in, attached to a load of line.
I won’t go over the whole thing again,
as I wrote about it in a recent CarpTalk, but the upshot was twofold.
S i m o n h i g h l i g h t e d t h a t t h e r i g,
although not obviously dangerous,
had been set up helicopter style, but
with one of the beads forced over
some tungsten tubing, thus making it
almost impossible for a carp to move
it. Although not obvious from the article, Danny Fairbrass of Korda took this
as an affront to his company and their
products, and took it upon himself to
stand up for the tackle industry as a
whole, declaring that they were not at
fault, and the anglers were fully to
Now, I and many others have been
going on about this for quite a while
now, and that is that there is just too
much for newcomers to this sport to
take in, and the fact that there is so
much information available is more
confusing than helpful. In Danny’s
piece in Carp-Talk he says that you
should have nothing on the line
behind an in-line or running lead, like
a stop knot, bead or putty. A dozen
pages later, Tom Dove shows a rig
that was shown to him by Danny,
called the ‘shokka rig’, in which there
is a backstop a foot behind the lead.
When the line runs through the lead,
it slams into the backstop and drives
the hook home. The unfortunate thing
is that, a few months earlier, Danny
was shown on the front of another
magazine with the headline ‘The New
Killer Rig’. I don’t know if it related to
the shokka rig, and, to be honest, it
doesn’t matter. The wording is badly
thought out, but I suppose ‘The New
Wonder Rig’ is so over-used that
Danny fancied something more eyecatching. Ouch! The point I’m trying
to make is this – see it from the point
of view of a newcomer to carp fishing
(the problem is exacerbated by the
fact that he is probably a newcomer
to fishing entirely). He picks up two or
three magazines ‘cos he wants to
learn as much as he can as quickly as
he can, and maybe a DVD or two will
help that knowledge sink in, but what
does he get? More and more confused, because there’s too much to
learn, and everybody’s got different
opinions, and, as far as they are con-
(Top) Time for a serious rethink.
(Left) A frosty end to the season.


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