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Made in England
(Above) Simon Crow with one from
outside the Golden Dodecahedron –
(Below) At last Spring has sprung.
cerned, theirs is correct.
Danny’s faux pas was highlighted
because of the emotive issue of a
dead carp and the unfortunate timing
of both articles going to print at the
same time. If Tom Dove had written in
Total Carp or Anglers Mail then I
wouldn’t have seen it, but somebody
who wants to learn all he can, would
have. And why is there so much to
write about? Mike Kavanagh has
been writing his rig column in Carpworld for ten years. Ten years! And
each month it’s been filled with a
dozen or so different products to tie
rigs with. That’s about 1500 products
he’s reviewed over the past ten years,
all concerned with the construction of
rigs. Bloody hell, no wonder people
get confused! How complicated have
rigs become for there to be 1500 new
components in a decade? And that’s
only the ones that Mike’s written
about. You can probably treble that if
you take into account all the new
swivels and beads and rings and
widgets that Mike just hasn’t had
time to get around to. So, is it down to
the tackle manufacturers or the
At a recent show, we were set up
opposite the Korda stand, and for two
days had to watch their videos being
played and replayed, and do you
know what I noticed in the punters’
eyes? Fear. They saw those carp getting away with murder, then they saw
one hooked on all of that good old
Korda stuff, and they just had to buy
some. But not just the Korda stuff.
Danny was just doing a great job for
t h e t a c k l e i n d u s t r y a s a w h o l e,
because I saw a few guys watching
those videos and then reappearing an
hour later with their little Fox bag of
bits, or Nash, or ESP, etc. Of course
the manufacturers have to take the
blame. That little bit I wrote last
month about the spirit levels in the
rod pods wasn’t an April Fool, y’know.
That was true, as was the prodding
stick (and by now you can bet that


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