FL09June - Page 124

Made in England
(Left) Ian Stott with his tenth English
forty – excellent.
(Below) End of a two year quest for
James Mitson.
with the wonderful Mr F, or Paul Forward to the uninitiated. He gave Mr
Holmes a glorious broadside recently,
calling him a captor of garden pets,
the reason being that Mark has a
pond in his garden, which holds some
rather large carp and, from what I can
gather, there are very few people who
can fish for them. He also knows
another who has similar pondage in
garden, and this holds even larger
carp. These carp, having never seen
floaters before were, surprisingly,
rather easy to catch, and Mr. Holmes
suddenly became the record holder
for surface caught garden pets. Oh,
Mark, come on, we’re only having a
laugh, mate. Wait until it gets serious.
Now Mark, somewhat chagrined at
this slur on his character, went on the
offensive and proclaimed that those
born outside of, and catching outside
of, the fabled Golden Triangle would
never be seen favourably in the eyes
of those within ‘The Triangle’. But he
forget that most famous of sayings
from the readings of the great Di’kwall-kah, “Don’t be a complete cock,
you northern muppet!”
The Golden Triangle, according to
legend, extends from the Straits of
Dover, northwest to the great divide
of Watford, then southwest across the
snow-capped Chilterns to the ancient
realm of Reading, for eons the home of
‘The Festival’. Travel then southeast
across the tracts of land known as
The Downs and The Weald until your
Triangle is complete. There, inside
that Golden Triangle, you will find
such Dark Materials as Sylcast, and
carbon fibre, and the legendary and
fearsome O’Shaughnessy, for here is
the seat of carp angling power. The
truth, however, is far more sinister, for
to be able to take in all the seats of
carp angling power you will need to
first go north, to Essex and Cambridgeshire, then west to Bedford-


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