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Made in England
(Above) Cheers Darren , that’s a
(Below) A wren not a tree-creeper, but
that’s fine.
angling? Do me a favour. They would
be more likely to get bored and take
up golf. Sorry, Mr, Holmes, but your
mention of self-opinionated writers
must surely have been ironic, because
if it wasn’t, you’re more of a twat than
I originally thought. But, I have no fear
because, after our little run-in a couple of years ago, I’m sure you don’t
even bother to read this rubbish anymore, so that’s okay then. Bugger,
what a waste of an hour’s writing, still
I enjoyed the bit about the dodecahedron, didn’t you?
Anyway, that’s my little rant for this
month, let’s talk about a bit of fishing,
shall we? My last session of the season (the proper season that is
because the Broad Oak season finishes on 14th March) proved fruitless,
and my fear that the car park would
have a dozen cars in was well
founded. It was, however, a great end
to the season for Neil Stevens, for he
achieved not only a personal best and
first English 40, but also the new lake
record in the shape of Alice at 43lb
12oz. What a marvellous way to end
the season, and lovely to see how
much it really meant to him. I managed to move on Saturday morning to
the far side of the lake but, despite
young Dan bagging a couple to my
right, I had no action at all, and ended
the season with a whimper. That’s not
to say it wasn’t a great session
because, as I lay there on Sunday
morning, waiting for the sun to melt
the overnight frost, just a few feet
away I saw a tree-creeper working its
way up the trunk of a nearby alder. I
desperately fumbled for my camera,
but too late. Then, ten minutes later it
returned, but, once again, I was too
slow. When a wren alighted on the
same tree a little later I managed
some shots of him, but the treecreeper remained elusive and
returned just once more, but much
higher up. But what matter? How
many of you have seen a treecreeper? It’s only the second one I’ve
ever seen, and continues to affirm the
reason I go fishing nowadays – our
own David Attenborough show, every
You’ve sent me some real crackers
this month, and the ‘Spirit Level’
award will be a difficult one to place, I
feel. Someone who has been a regular
in this column, and in Carp Talk, is Ian
Stott, and it was really nice to meet
him at last at Five Lakes. We didn’t
get to talk for long, but we both
bemoaned our recent fortune. Then,
last week, he sent me photos of his
latest, and tenth English 40, and what
a cracking way to do it. Well done, Ian.
You were close, but not quite close
enough. Keep ‘em coming mate, and
we’ll see what pans out. James Mitson has been fishing not too far away
from me, and has been in pursuit of
one particular fish for the past couple
of years, so how pleased was he when
he eventually slipped his net under it
just before the end of the season. The
37lb 8oz mirror is certainly well worth


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