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Made in England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
This’ll keep the spirit levels high. Well worth an award for Scott McMaster.
pursuing, and I’ve no doubt I’ll see
some more of James this year
because the lake he’s fishing has
huge potential.
L i k e w i s e, L o u i s R o g e r s h a s
achieved a bit of a target with a 36lb
mirror from his target water, a fish
that has been on the missing list for a
couple of seasons, so well worth the
wait. He was assisted by his mate
Adam Stratton who, with another
friend, Ross Brooks, spent the last
weekend of the season on the
Thames, both catching carp, with
Ross taking a lovely, scaly 20 to end
the season in style.
Simon Crow proved that, not only is
he a damn good investigative journalist, but he can also catch a few carp,
and look at the stunning old mirror
he’s got here. Not sure if that counts,
Si, ‘cos I think it might have been outside the Golden Dodecahedron. Still,
nice to get out, eh? Someone who’s
been very helpful to us at Freebird is
Darren Booty, who’s a printer, and
helped with the leaflets for the Five
Lakes show. In return, Chilly furnished him with a bit of the Pulse and,
lo and behold, a week later he’s only
gone and bagged himself a 34lb mirror, which seems to be a bit of an
unknown, making it even more special. How’s that for serendipity? Well
done, Darren – I will be taking you up
on that invite sometime this year, fear
not. But, finally, I have to come to
Scott McMasters’ wonderful Roach
pit carp of 41lb. Scott had caught the
carp in October of last year, but had
got some pretty poor photos of it, so
was more than happy to get the
chance to pose once more for the
cameras. I reckon that your first shots
were so poor because the camera
wasn’t level, so hopefully the ‘Keep
Your Spirit Levels High’ award will
negate that problem next time. Well
done, Scott, thanks for the photo, and
prepare yourself for unbridled adora-
So, that’s almost us for this month,
but just a couple of things before I
hand over to the incomparable Stan
Musselwhite. Firstly, did I tell you I
saw a siege of herons a couple of
weeks back? I was standing with
Steve, the head bailiff, discussing
Agent Orange, when I spied two,
three, five then seven herons. They
were on the lookout for the best nesting areas, according to Steve, who
had seen a dozen at the same time
last year. Being such a solitary bird, it
was remarkable to see so many at
once, and I tried to capture that
moment, but they came out looking
like a load of sparrows. Have a look
anyway – see what you think. And,
finally, I’m off to Thailand. But not just
to Thailand – to Stuart Gillham’s place
in Krabi. We met him at Five Lakes
and, to be honest, my missus was sold
on it almost before I was. She loved
the look of the place and the pool and


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