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Made in England
all that, but I just couldn’t get it out of
my head that I was going to be fishing a lake that held fish twice the size
of me! To make the trip complete,
Vince is coming, along with my future
son-in-law, Ben. We’ll be flying as you
read this, or more liking we’ll be ‘flying’ when we land. Can’t bloody wait,
and, have no doubt, I will report fully
when I return, carp magazine or not.
Ah, good to see you back; do come
in. Mr Holmes, why don’t you sit over
there, you’ll get a much better view. I
hope you enjoyed your time here last
month, the feedback’s been pretty
good, and I’ve even had a couple of
people say that they’ve bought
albums based on my comments. Nice,
but possibly foolhardy. I mean, I’m
still banging on about prog rock after
all these years. Having said that, I see
that Classic Rock are bringing out a
Prog Rock mag as well – see, I bloody
told you, but you wouldn’t listen,
would you?
Anyway, no prog this week,
but a couple of albums of
diverse power and charm.
When we got tickets for AC/DC, we
had no idea who the support group
was going to be. I’ve found, in the
past, that at these big events, the support is woeful in comparison to the
main artist, and I trouble to remember
who they were a week later. Obviously, my dementia could have a lot to
do with that, but you get the drift.
Gone are the days when the likes of
Led Zeppelin were blown off the
stage by Lynyrd Skynyrd at Knebworth. I think the big guns are a little
scared that they might be upstaged
so go for a much softer option. When
we saw the Stones in Dublin a couple
of years ago, I couldn’t figure out why
The Answer weren’t supporting
them, what with them being a new,
Belfast band that were getting some
really good press. Well, bugger me if
they’re not supporting AC/DC at
Wembley in June. On the back of that,
a new album was in the offing so I
thought I’d better give it a whirl and
it’s a real doozy. Everyday Demons is
just pure, unadulterated rock. If you
like ‘70’s rock – Zeppelin, Deep Purple,
Thin Lizzy, then these guys will do
you just nicely, from the opening
strains of Demon Eyes you know just
what you’re going to get. The guitars
are grinding, the drumming huge, and
the vocals could be anyone of a dozen
classic rock singers. I’ve only listened
to it a couple of times but already I
can’t wait to see them, and for once I
won’t leave it until five minutes
before the main event before entering
the stadium – excellent.
Now, the other guy we’re going to
talk about was introduced to me
about four years ago by my old Horton buddy, Tony Badham. Tony is a
real music aficionado, and was
brought up in the time of Hendrix, the
Yardbirds, The Who and, of course,
Pink Floyd (has he told you about
when he saw them at the Ally Pally?).
Well, he told me about this young
English guitarist called Aynsley Lister,
so I immediately bought his first
album, and have bought every one
The wonderful Aynsley Lister,
trust me.


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