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Made in England
The Answer is, they’re supporting
(Right) The Discworld – as round and
flat as a geological pizza, but without
the anchovies.
since. He’s a remarkable blues/rock
guitarist and isn’t far off being the
English Bonamassa, if I may be so
bold. The new album, Equilibrium, is
just sublime, and hasn’t been out of
my car for weeks, ousting Jebo from
there just after my birthday. The first
track is probably the most disappointing because I was expecting a lot
more, but on further plays it blends in
quite nicely and has a bit of Gin Blossoms about it, as do a couple of other
tracks. But then it moves into a real
rocking blues album. There are three
or four tracks that I just can’t wait to
come on. What’s it all about is a slow,
soulful tune with the most wonderful
guitar solo at the end. A couple of
acoustic-type numbers don’t really
halt the flow, just give you breathing
space before the last five tracks
which are just wonderful. Superficial
and Running out on me have the most
beautiful guitar work at the end, then
Sugar low is just good, old fashioned
rock’n’roll before the glorious climax.
I’ve always had a great love affair
with songs that have ‘hurricane’ in
the title – Neil Young and Bob Dylan
have penned two of my most
favourite songs with that title – so
when I saw that the last song was
called Hurricane, and was six minutes
long, I sort of held my breath. And
didn’t exhale for six minutes. Just
wonderful, truly masterful. The lyrics,
the rhythm, the closing guitar solo. All
just sublime. Buy it, then call me and
thank me. It’s nothing. He’s touring at
the moment and I’m hoping to see
him at the end of May in East Sussex
– maybe I’ll see you there.
The last episode of ‘Nature’s Great
Events’. Did you see it? Oh my God,
what a programme. I’ve never seen
camerawork like it. The killer whale
hitting a one-ton sea lion. The blue
whale coming from nowhere to engulf
the thousands of herring that were
within ten yards of the cameraman.
The mother sea lion trying to revive
her dead pup. Astonishing, emotional,
incredible TV. If you didn’t see the
series I strongly advise you to buy the
DVD, you’ll thank me, believe me.
So, the album of your life. The concert you wish you had seen. I’m starting to get a few replies so keep ‘em
coming. Colin Seaton, who harks from
Belfast, has me and doesn’t, if you see
what I mean. His album would be
Heart Attack and Vine by Tom Waits
of which I know very little, and unfortunately Colin gives no explanation
of. His concert, though, was one he
did attend. Because of the troubles
back then, very few bands went to
Belfast, then, out of the blue – Led
Zeppelin. And not only that, but it
was the first live airing of Led Zep 4.
Bloody hell, can you imagine that –
hearing Stairway for the very first
time? Now, that is a bloody belter
Colin. Well done, mate.
I’ll air some more next month, but
I’m going to end this month on a liter-
ary note. I love Terry Pratchett, always
have done, and if you read his books
you will see where I plagiarise a lot of
my stuff. Well, for my birthday I got a
book called ‘The Wit and Wisdom of
the Discworld’, and it is a must for all
Pratchett fans. Obviously just a sort of
condensed ‘best of’, but marvellous
just the same. Let me quote you some.
‘What is your name?’
‘My name is immaterial.’
‘ T h a t ’ s a p r e t t y n a m e,’ s a i d
He walked in a way that suggested
he was attempting the world speed
record for the nonchalant walk.
Then there was the puzzle of why
the sun came out in the day, rather
than at night, when it would be more
Leonardo of Quirm: skilled artist
and certified genius, with a mind that
wandered so much it came back with
Ah, how they cheer me and, no
doubt, I shall inflict some more wise
words upon you ere the year is out. In
the meantime, learn to read and write,
sing a lot, and if you get a chance to
sit it out or dance – then dance.
Hasta la vista, baby or, as Rod
Stewart would say in Thailand –
‘Every girl/boy deserves favour.’
See ya. n


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