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Ultimate Edge
Part 2 by Leon Bartropp
ast month I gave you
an insight into how I go
about my angling. I like
to blend in my end
tackle, and explained
how I go about this. I
also showed you how I set up the
multi-rig or Jon Mac as I call it, the
components and bits and pieces that
make it a special rig, and I also gave
you a little edge in how I use it very
stiff, with a small piece of 20lb stiff
link from ESP. This month I am going
to explain a bit about how I apply
bait, a nice bottom bait rig that I use,
and the other pop-up rig that I use a
lot now – the choddy, that has been
so popular in recent seasons. Again I
believe that like the Jon Mac rig this
isn’t a new rig; it’s one that a good
friend of mine Frank Warwick was
messing around with many, many
years ago, but in a different guise. He
used it with a long hooklink; he was
fishing a very silty venue, and came
up with this idea to combat the hooklink on a normal setup being masked
in the deep silt. But nowadays we use
it with a stiff hooklink with pop-ups
and fish it over debris, hence the word
choddy being used to describe the rig.
I must admit that when I first saw
the rig described I couldn’t quite get
my head around it. I am a angler who
is very particular where he puts his
hooklink in relation to the spot in the
swim – the lead hitting the right spot
is the be all and end all for me, so to
cast a rig out with the lead landing on
the nice little spot, but the baited
hooklink settling a foot or two away
from the spot was just alien to me.
Although I caught one the first time I
used the choddy four or so years ago,
it took me a good two years before I
could bring myself to get any confidence in using one again. Talking to
Sharpy and others gave me this confidence, but once I had the confidence
thing cracked I was well and truly
away, and casting it out whenever I
felt I needed to. More importantly I
was fishing with confidence, which
again as I banged on about in my previous piece is so important to my fish1. Choddy loop.
2. A bright yellow one for the spring.
3. Use a size 6 Stiff Rigger for shop
4. Super sharp confidence.


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