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Perfecting The Ultimate Edge
(Above) This upper-40 liked my stiff
bottom bait rig.
(Below left) The Horton and Welly fish
couldn’t get enough of this bait.
(Below right) Add some oil to your
fishmeal baits.
ing whichever venue it may be on.
I usually tie up five or six so I get
into a rhythm, and store them in a cut
down PVA tube. Whilst I can tie the
choddy, it does take an awful long
time to get one that is just right; it is
one of those rigs that has to be tied
100% right to work properly. I for one
have problems tying the end to a ring
swivel without kinking the stiff link
material, and I find I am redoing one
in every three choddies that I tie, so I
started tying a small loop in that end,
which has been a revelation to say
the least. It also creates so much
more movement, and I can get the
height just right without wasting time
and tackle retying rigs over and over
again. That little loop gives a nice
movement of the rig, and I believe it
allows it to turn quicker than the original choddy. Also if the pop-up has
been out a while, then the loop sits
down on itself slightly, which gives
the rig about an inch to move
upwards into the fish’s mouth when it
picks it up, whereas the original
hasn’t got that inch of extra movement. The loop is just an overhand
knot, but I’ve never had one go on me;
it’s really strong and easy to tie for
those of us who find the original
choddy tricky to tie 100% correctly
every time. I will also tie up my little
stash of choddies and steam them
straight, because I find they fit better
into the cut down container, and also
I can bend them much better with my
fingers when and where I need them.
I do occasionally use a small Gardner
rig bin to curve the choddy, but very
rarely, much preferring to use my fingers after steaming the hooklink
straight in the first place.
Here are a couple of little tips I have
found that work with the choddy, and
also when tying up the stiff hinged
rig. Firstly, do a search on a knot
called “the Snell” – a whipping knot
that is very easy to tie, and is the one
that I always use now for my stiff
links. When using hooks with outturned eyes like the ESP Stiff Riggers,
this simple knot makes the whole rig


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