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Perfecting The Ultimate Edge
(Above) Introduce your bait all
around the lake.
(Right) I keep my choddies in here.
(Below) The fruits of lots of hard work
and 100% confidence.
sit perfectly, as the stiff stuff exits the
eye of the hook perfectly. It also
makes curving the material so much
easier, as it already exits the eye at
the perfect angle when curved with
my fingers. Cork ball pop-ups are
really the only way to go with the rig,
in my opinion, if you are going to
leave it out there for any amount of
time, say a day or two, and a 16mm is
ideal for a size 5 ESP Stiff Rigger.
These hooks are just so much sharper
than anything else on the market, and
if you drop down to a size 6 Stiff Rigger then you can get away with a
shop bought 16mm pop-up. A little tip
is to drill out the centre of the pop-up
and replace with a piece of cork stick
or foam – this keeps it up even longer
if using the shop bought pop-ups.
Something that ESP introduced last
season was three other colours of
leadcore. I really like the original leadcore that ESP have been producing
for the last ten years for fishing with
these rigs, but using the new colours
(gravel, silt and weed) has made it so
much more possible to blend this part
of the rig more effectively with the
type of bottom you are fishing over. I
especially like weed green leadcore,
as it just disappears near any weed,
something else that I noticed was
that some anglers were letting the
chod fly up the line, having a backstop
a good 3ft up from the lead. I just
couldn’t get my head around this I
can tell you, and still can’t, much preferring to either fix my two beads
about a foot away from the lead, leaving a couple of inches between them
so the hooklink can move about and
settle on the cast, or I tend to fix the
top stop at just above the height of
the weed I am fishing over. Go check


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