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Perfecting The Ultimate Edge
boilies; I don’t know what it is but
they just love ‘em. When I fished it, I
would say that 80% of the fish got
caught on that bait. I also did very,
very well on Wellington Country Park
with this bait, as again, they just
seemed to prefer this bait to whatever
was being used, so much so that
anglers would soon be changing over
to the Monster Tigernut a few weeks
after seeing the results others were
having on it. Now I’m not saying that
another bait wouldn’t work, because
it undoubtedly would and did; I’m
(Above) 100% confidence in what I
was doing.
(Below) Manor fish took a liking to the
Fresh Fish.
(Below right) My hooklink choice for
bottom bait fishing.
saying that I found I had my best
catches from these two waters on the
Monster Tigernut. Now on the flip
side of this, I took that bait to The
Essex Manor, brimming with confidence on the back of Horton, and had
only one bite on it. The fish in there
seemed to prefer a much more fishmeal type bait, and as soon as I
started to introduce and use the Fresh
Fish Mussel and Oyster it started
catching from the off. So what I would
say is by all means start off with your
favourite bait that you have confidence in, but when things aren’t
going to plan, a change of bait can
kickstart your campaign for sure.
Something else that I tend to do is
mix up my sizes of bait; I’ll quite happily get a bucket and put 10mm,
15mm and 20mm boilies in and spod
the lot out over an area. This tends to
confuse the fish, and gives them
something to think about. I’ll then fish
a couple of different size baits over
the top, maybe a 16mm choddy, or
even a 18mm snowman with a cut
down 15mm pop-up. In essence I like
to mix it up a bit, be different to everyone else out there, and make the fish
work harder for their food, which in
turn will make them slip up more regularly. Think of it this way – if everyone on your lake is chucking out
15mm boilies and fishing a 15mm
boilie over the top, the fish are going
to switch onto this tactic petty
quickly and start getting away with it.
Something else I like to do when fishing with the fishmeal type baits is to


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