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Perfecting The Ultimate Edge
add a bit of oil. I get a bottle of marine
halibut liquid, give a kilo of boilies a
nice big squirt, and give the bag a
nice shake so the boilies get a glaze of
the oil over them. I keep doing this a
few times, as the baits will keep suck-
ing in the oil. One thing this does is
extend the life of the baits, and also
when the baits are in the water, the oil
will start to seep out of the bait and
pull down any fish that are in the
upper layers.
I’ve found that in the spring
months getting a bag of 10mm Fresh
Fish, Mussel and Oyster baits, and
adding the oil to them a few days
before I get to the lake, will give me
(Left) The sharp end of the bottom
bait rig.
(Below) The finished bottom bait rig.
this nice little slick that comes off the
baits during my stay. I don’t use many
of the 10mms, preferring to catapult
one or two pouches around my hookbait, which tends to be a small popup in the spring, usually a yellow one.
As summer goes on I move over to
the complementing pop-up or bottom
bait to the food bait that I am using. I
like to fish with minimum amount of
bait in the swim when I’m actually
angling for our slippery friends, and
when I go I introduce a kilo or two to
the area or spot I’m fishing on, or at
the start of a campaign I’ll introduce a
few handfuls to likely looking areas all
around the lake so the fish get accustomed to seeing and eating the bait
that much more. Only then will I start
to pinpoint certain areas, swims and
spots, to which I will give my kilo or
two when I leave.
Well I hope you have gotten something from the way that I go about my
fishing, the rigs that I use, and the
application of the bait, so until next
time, thanks for reading and tight
lines. n

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