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In Search of Monster Carp
was alright, but going out in my own
little boat, with just enough room for
all my gear and myself was not so stable. I went out there one weekend
and fished, but then I went to come
back and the wind had got up. There
were white horses; it was horrendous,
and that was one of the first times I
really thought I was going to cop my
lot. I thought to myself, I’ve got to get
back, and it could get ten times
worse. If I had had a mobile phone I
could have phoned Del up and he
would have come across in the big
boat and got me. Anyway, I loaded up
the boat and I thought, well, I’ve got
to keep out of the wind as much as
possible. I went down one bank, and
behind it is the Projects Lake where
Les Webber and Chris Tarrant used to
fish. So I was coming across there, as
close to the bank as I could to try to
keep out of the wind, but when I hit
open water – talk about waves! I had
to keep steering into the waves, and I
was getting water coming into the
boat. I had to get across open water
to get to the little bridge and get
under it. Well, I was shitting myself, I’ll
be honest; I didn’t think I was going
to make it. I had a life jacket on, but I
thought if the boat sinks all my gear
has gone. Anyway, I got to the bridge,
and I thought thank Christ for that,
but when I came out from underneath
the bridge into the other bit of open
water, it was the same again.
So I only fished there a few times; I
fished off the bank a couple of times,
but what put me off was where I was
parking my car. I went there one day,
and there was a burned out car
parked where I normally parked, and I
thought no. I saw a tench in there,
well I thought it was a carp as it was
coming through – it had to be 15lb,
the biggest tench I have ever seen.
It’s funny because I fished Kingsmead
years and years before, just stalking,
going round with a little rod, and I had
a few fish off the top. They put trout
pens on there; they had a trout farm,
and I remember the bloke burying
trout out on one of the islands, and
the stench was unbelievable. Oh
that’s right, the old grey matter’s getting going – I’m getting things coming back into my mind. I remember
one day seeing a couple of really
bloody big fish in there. It was a
sunny summer’s day and I had been
all round Wraysbury Two, actually
round a few waters, and seen the odd
fish, but I got to Kingsmead and I saw
a couple of real monsters right by the
bridge. There was a little stream there
and they were going up the stream
inlet. I don’t think they were going far
up, but they were going up it. I


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