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In Search of Monster Carp
32lb 2oz Korda.
we hadn’t publicised it because we
thought we might be able to get back
on there. But as it happens we didn’t
get back on there for one reason or
another. I think they’ve made it into a
big rowing lake now, and bulldozed it
all into one with Deans Farm and all
that. Somebody caught the Sonning
Eye fish, I forget who caught it now. I
know a few of them had it, but someone said that he was the first to catch
it, and Chris Ball said, “No, you’re not
the first; Peter had it ten years ago,” or
whatever it was.
I was talking to Dave, and apparently these two guys from the island
were giving them a load of grief too,
and Chrissie Pearson sorted them out,
so I heard – say no more. Funnily
enough, I tell you who was fishing
down there as well – Pete Cranston,
and he had a big common out of
there, a 50lb’er. He was fishing Dean’s
Farm, and they got so fed up with
kicking him off that gave him permission to fish it. They made it into a
marina, and he was fishing on there,
and he fished the river there as well.
He was saying to me that he was out
on one of the islands at Sonning, and
caught this big common. It was too
big to weigh on his scales, so he
thought he would go back to his car; I
think he had a little escort van, to get
his big scales. As he was rowing back
he could see the light on in his van,
and he thought shit, I’ve left the light
on, but as he got closer he could see
somebody in there. He’s got out of the
boat, grabbed the oar, went running
up towards the van, shouting and hollering, and tripped over and fell on his
face. He could see that it was those
two blokes, one standing outside the
van, and one was inside the van, rummaging through, and they both
legged it. He said, “The funny part
was, I had one of those Gardner popup bivvies in one of my bags, and they
had tried getting it out and it had
popped up on them.” Anyway, he then
went back and weighed the common,
and it was 50lb-something. Later, he
came across those two, and he ended
up smacking one of them, giving
them a right one, but he said they
were a nasty pair of bastards. I mean
I don’t know why they were like that,
I really don’t, but apparently they
haven’t been seen since, so I understand. So that was Sonning Eye.
Another water I fished was a place
called Fork Pond. I had heard about it
for a long time, but it was one of those
waters where carp anglers couldn’t
get in, so to speak. A mate of mine got
in, and he used to tell me how beautiful it was, it was in the middle of
nowhere, pine forests. He offered to
take me and show me, but I said that
I didn’t want to in case I fell in love
with it, and I would be disappointed if
I couldn’t get to fish it. So anyway I
heard it was run by Haslemere
Angling Club, and they were taking
members, so I put my name forward. I
had to go for an interview, and I
thought I had no chance of getting in,
but I’d go anyway. Anyway, I got in, so
I went and had a look at it, and I
fished it. The first time I fished it was
in the winter; I fished it for a couple of
winters, and as I say, it was a lovely
place, absolutely gorgeous, one of the
nicest places I have fished. It was
very, very cliquey at the time, and
apparently they didn’t like it if you
caught fish, so if you did, you were
out. So I had to be very, very careful
what I was doing and what I wasn’t
doing, and try and keep my nose
clean. I think you had to pre-book if
you wanted to night fish it too. I went
in with a high protein bait for the wintertime, and I think I caught a fish
straight away, but that was it, and
then after that I think I went from
November through to January without anything, I thought bloody hell,
I’ve got to change this bait, so I think
I went over to a fishmeal and started


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