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A Question of Bait
By Mark McKenna
Send in your questions and Mark will answer them each month in this great new series.
’m off to France in a couple of
weeks. What advice can you
give me on the type of bait,
the amount, and bait application? That’s another one I get
asked a lot, but before I give
you any further info I’d like to suggest
you make your decision a bit
sharpish, and get onto your shop or
manufacturer of choice and make
sure they can get you your chosen
bait in time for your departure.
I still get people ring me on Tuesday lunchtime and tell me they’re
leaving on Friday and need 50KG of
T1 for their trip.
A food bait caught wacker.
We don’t hold any stock and only
sell fresh bait to order, so the chances
are they’ve left it too late to get it
rolled on Tuesday, so that leaves
Wednesday, irrespective of any work
we’ve already got booked in, that
means it’s got to be dried Wednesday
night, bagged and despatched on
Thursday to arrive God speed and no
hiccups on the Friday they’re scheduled to leave. We’ve achieved this on
several occasions (and have not been
able to on many more), but give me a
break – you know you’re going for
months in advance, and you’re risking
having to fish with something that
you’re not confident in because you
can’t get your first choice bait in time!
Which leads me on nicely to bait
Confidence is the magic ingredient
in all bait, so for God’s sake take
something you personally have used
that’s got a bit of previous in YOUR
experience. If you haven’t got reliable
home bait you feel confident taking
with you already, get hold of one
that’s got consistent form abroad. Be
very wary of waters where they insist
on you using the ‘house’ bait as part
of the ‘package’ (read ‘rip-off’) especially if it’s shelf life type bait. These


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