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A Question of Bait
are cheap products with little in the
way of nutrition or attraction that are
designed to put a lot of extra wedge
in the owner’s skyrocket. Reports
coming back from these type of venues often wax lyrical about the allinclusive a la carte angler menu, facilities, and how hospitable the owner
was, and neglect to mention that they
caught three carp during the week to
33lb – blasted weather again!
Well I’d be darned hospitable if I
could relieve someone of £600 – £800
for a FISHING holiday where the
whole party only caught three fish for
the privilege of being there (I’ve even
seen catch reports where the whole
party blanked and raved about the
‘hospitality’. Was the ‘catch’ report
demanded at gunpoint?). No, not me
I’m afraid; I’m a bit too long in the
tooth to be told how to fish and what
with – that’s as far from paradise as I
can get! A carp fishing holiday for me
is about catching foreign carp, so if
you’re like me, take a decent fresh
food bait like the T1, which has delivered outstanding results time and
time again, and you are halfway to a
productive trip before you’ve even left
old Blighty.
Do this and a ton-plus of carp is
well on the cards for your party on
many venues, with many big fish positively craving the nutrition a good
fresh food bait provides. Several of my
customers have achieved this with
many 50’s, 60’s and the odd 91lb
World Record mirror carp thrown in
for good measure. There are several
other companies out there that can
lay claim to this also, so I’d advise you
to invest in quality, and have an
opportunity to participate in the successes rather than the obligatory
‘hospitality’ type ‘catch’ reports that
describe how well the angling party
ate as opposed to the carp.
The amount you need to take is
common sense really; if you can use
(Top) Beautiful champagne carp.
(Right) Feed me – feed me now!


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