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A Question of Bait
four rods and there’s a big head of
fish, then you’re going to need a fair
bit between April and November. I’d
allow for a kilo per rod per night, as
these bigger creatures can have one
hell of an appetite in well-stocked
venues, and it would be a shame to
fall short of what’s required and miss
out on a real big hit by doing so.
Include a decent amount of quality
boilies in your budget as opposed to
an afterthought – they do make a
huge difference to your chances of a
successful trip, and that’s what it’s all
about, right?
In terms of how you apply the bait,
again let common sense prevail.
Sending your bait boat out half empty
is not against the law; these are heavily pressured fish, and the days of
humping in 20kg and sitting on it are
long gone now on all but the hungriest of waters. There is no substitute
for watercraft, and as such a lot of
observation will often lead to a lot of
carp. Sure you often have to work
with what you’ve drawn, but on a lot
of venues you can pretty much guarantee they’ll get to you eventually,
especially if they’re roaming around
Take a bait that’s gonna deliver results.
the pond in search of a decent meal,
or they get pressured away from
another area through angler pressure,
be it captures, or the noise generated
by a coach load of alcoholics and their
four tons of gut ache boilies –
It might be prudent to fish PVA
bags to a likely looking area before
committing to applying any amount
of bait in your swim. They’re finicky
creatures these holiday venue carp,
and they won’t take any amount of
convincing to eat where they don’t
feel comfortable doing so. Work out
where they want the bait, and then
apply it in sensible quantities. If
there’s a known productive area in a
swim that you need to be covering,
apply bait to it, but bear in mind
you’re not the only one who is aware
of it, so be prepared to bait the area
and fish your hookbaits around it to
begin with, until their confidence
builds up to the point that they’ll risk
getting nailed on what you’re providing in the way of food.
My mate Steve will often just bait
up a few likely spots on arrival at a foreign venue, and spend the first night
getting some much needed kip before
actually fishing. He catches way too
many to ignore his approach, often
not getting much sleep for the rest of
the trip, so don’t be rushing in feet
first and risk spoiling the whole week
is all I’d say to you when it comes to
bait application, just keep your
options open, use good quality fresh
bait bought well in advance, and you
won’t go far wrong – above all enjoy
your holiday!
PS. Last month when discussing
the making of cork ball hookbaits, I
neglected to mention that if you
haven’t got the time or just can’t be
arsed to do your own, you should be
buying them from Lee Laggan of
Hookers. You can get hold of Lee on
01707 323311, and he reckons he does
them much better than I do them
myself. I think that’s bollocks, but as I
don’t make them for anyone but
myself and you’re not able to make
your own, you’ll have to buy them off
him or you can’t use them at all. So
best give him a ring then – that’s
what I’d do anyway, and all our baits
are available in cork ball hookbait
form through Lee. n


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