FL09June - Page 154

The Manor
Part 2 by Sean Leverett
e join Sean
this month as
he continues
his campaign
on the Manor
at the start of
the new year.
It was the 18th January before I
was able to get the rods back out
again, and just before 9pm I pulled
into the car park for a rare four-day
session. I couldn’t get over how cold
it was as I walked around the lake,
and didn’t hold out much hope of any
action. There were a couple of other
guys on, but nothing had been seen. I
decided to drop in to The Flat, as
that’s where the last fish caught had
come from, and there was nothing
else really to go on. In previous winters The Flat area had also produced
fish, although this winter was turning
out to be a lot more severe than the
previous couple of years. I flicked out
single hook baits just for the night, as
I wanted to try something a little different come morning.
I had a couple of gallons of mixed
coloured maggots with me, a gallon of
prepared hemp, and 8kg of the new
Nash Bait 3mm maize pellet. At first
light I redid the rods, putting two rods
out on Amber Attract criticals with
the other rod fished with a maggot rig
comprising of a 10lb Bullet XT hooklink with a size 8 Fang Twister hook. I
then attached a maggot clip to the
hook via a round ring, and attached
both real maggots and the Nash
Mutant maggots (artificials). I mixed
the maggots, hemp and the maize
pellets and left it to soften and bind
together. Once I had all three rods
positioned, I spodded out around a
dozen spod loads of the mix over each
rod, and then every few hours topped
I don’t smile often but I just had to this time.
up the spots with a couple of loads of
the mix.
Over the next couple of days I
received plenty of liners, some of
which were so savage that they even
pulled my mainline out of the line clip
on my rod, but no takes were forthcoming. The weather was all over the
place, and after continuous heavy rain
and strong northerly winds, I woke on
Wednesday morning to find the lake
frozen yet again. By mid-afternoon
the lake thawed only for the heavy
rain and strong winds to return. I
packed up Thursday lunchtime fishless, but after all the liners I had
received I was just as confident as I
had been before the freeze. I had a
feeling that something would be out
again soon, and looked forward to
getting back for another go with the
maggots the following Sunday night.
George had been fishing right


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