FL09June - Page 158

The Manor
(Left) Thank god for a decent mat.
(Below) 27lb common – first fish of the
day 23rd March.
A little over three hours passed, and
I started to receive liners on the left
hand rod. They started off as single
bleeps, but after a while I was getting
proper heavy ones that were pulling
the bobbin right up to the alarm. I
almost hit one of them they were getting so savage. I was convinced that I
was going to get a take at any minute,
but nothing happened, and after a
while the activity stopped. I started to
think that the hooklink was maybe
tangled, or that the bait had come off.
Eventually my overactive mind got
the better of me, and I wound the rod
in to check it. I’m glad I did, as when
I did retrieve it the hook had somehow gone through the eye of the
swivel on the lead! It probably cost
me a bloody fish, and I was pissed off
to say the least. I recast the rod, but
this time put a piece of rig foam
around the hook so it didn’t happen
again. It landed just as the first cast
did, with a lovely donk, and I then
fired out another 20 freebies around
the hookbait and settled back down. I
couldn’t help but think that I had buggered up my chance of a fish but just
a couple of hours later the liners
started again. I continued to receive
liners most of the afternoon, but noth-
ing like the ones from the morning.
The liners stopped in the early
evening, but I was sure that the rig
was ok so I left it all alone, though I
was so tempted to check it was all
During the night I received several
more liners and saw a few fish shows
too, so I was sure that I was well in
with a chance. At first light I witnessed around a dozen fish show
themselves over and around my
spots, but it wasn’t until just after
lunch on the Tuesday that I received
my first take. The wind had steadily
got stronger during the course of the
morning, and was blowing straight
into my face. A few fish had shown
themselves too, and I was lying listening to the lunchtime news when I
received a couple of liners on the left
hand rod. Just as I sat up to have a
look, the alarm signalled a series of
bleeps, and as I reached the rod the
line pinged out of the clip and the tip
bent round. I picked the rod up and I
was connected to my first carp since
the end of November. I straight away
knew that it was a good fish attached
to the other end of the line, as the
fight was a heavy, plodding one. A


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