FL09June - Page 159

The Manor
(Above) 26lb mirror second fish of the
day 23rd March.
(Below) A group of 30's and 40's.
couple of minutes into the fight disaster struck and the hook pulled! I
should have felt gutted about what
had just happened, but for some
bizarre reason I didn’t. I just checked
the point of the hook, which was still
pin-sharp, then cast the rod back out
to the spot. I baited up again with a
further 20 baits, and then went to see
a guy in the swim next door called
Danny who had witnessed what had
just happened.
After a brief chat with him I
returned to my bivvy and made a coffee. I had just finished making the
drink when the same rod, which incidentally had only been back out
around 40 minutes, ripped off. When I
picked up the rod, line was peeling off
the spool and I could do nothing to
stop it. Danny heard the commotion,
came around, and I remember saying
to him that this was one pissed off
fish that must of stripped a good
50yds of line before it slowed up. At
one point I even thought it could have
been a catfish. This fish had me all
over the place, and it was a good 15 to
20-minute scrap before the fish eventually tired and Danny was able to net
it for me.
At first, on peeling back the net I
wasn’t sure which fish it was, and it
was only when we saw the side of it
that we both recognised it to be the
one known as the Northern Linear,
and it looked big! This was the fish
t h a t I r e a l l y w a n t e d, a n d I w a s
buzzing to say the least. A couple of
the guys that were also fishing the
lake came round to assist with the
weighing and photography, and after
a few water shots the Northern was
safely returned to its home. The
weight was irrelevant to me, as the
fish is a stunner, but for the record it
was bang on 45lb.
After all the excitement had passed
and everyone had gone I set about
getting the rod back out on the spot. I
tied up a new hook link, tied on a
fresh bait and then cast the rig back
out. It landed perfectly, just where I
wanted it. I then fired out another 20
or so baits around the hookbait just as
I had done previously. Two takes
within an hour, and on the same rod
too! This was the perfect start to my


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