FL09June - Page 160

The Manor
Left) March sunset.
(Below) 37lb 6oz mirror (the Big Lin)
third of the day, 23rd March.
last session, and if I wasn’t fortunate
enough to have anything else, then I
didn’t really care. It wasn’t over for me
yet though!
Conditions over the next few days
were good, what with the strong
winds and rain, but nothing much in
the way of action happened. There
were definitely fish still in the area as
I watched them showing most mornings, and I was receiving liners on
both the left hand rod and the rod
cast over to the far margin. As the
weekend approached though, it was
clear that the fish had moved down to
the other end of the lake, as I was
watching them clearing the water in
front of both The Flat and The 18
swims. I really fancied a move, but the
lake had become packed, and there
wasn’t a swim free to move to, so I
had to stay put. It was frustrating to
say the least, and come Sunday morning there had been four fish out from
The Flat and The 18, including mirrors
of 42lb and 39lb. I felt I needed a couple of hours away from the lake to
clear my head and have a think about
my next plan of attack, so at 11am
Sunday morning I reeled in the rods
and shot home to have a shower.
I returned to the lake just after
2pm to find that a few people had left,
and that both The 18 and Flat were
free. It was a lovely warm sunny day,
and I thought that the fish would be
up near the surface and be right up for
a zig. I got back to my bivvy and sat
contemplating a move when I saw a
fish stick its head out of the water
over near where my far margin rod
was. A few minutes later it did it
again, and my mind was made up – I
was staying put, and I set about getting all three rods back out. By 3pm all
the rods were in position and were all
baited with around 20 freebies each.
Not even 30 minutes had passed
when the middle rod that was cast
across to the far margin ripped off and
I was into a fish. It felt a good’un too,
and after around five minutes I had
the fish in front of me going up and
down my margin just off the shelf in
about 9ft of water. A couple of minutes later I had managed to get the
fish to the surface briefly before it


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