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The Manor
the chocolate in amongst it! This was
a really good sign that the fish were
eating the bait. Just as I was finishing
the tidying up, I heard a fish crash
out, and I turned to the water to see
where it was from. It was right over
the middle rod again, and I just stood
there rubbing my hands together
thinking to myself that I could be on
for another here.
At 5pm the same rod was away
again, and soon after connecting with
the fish I knew it to be a better one
than the previous two. It stayed a lot
lower in the water, and didn’t want to
come up off the bottom. I could feel
the fish rolling in an attempt to shed
the hook, and every so often I could
feel the line ping off a fin – my heart
was in my mouth the whole time.
Slowly but surely though I gradually
closed the distance between fish and
me, and after around ten minutes I
had gained enough line to have it out
just in front of me.
Eventually the fish tired, and I was
able to net it on the first attempt.
Once in the net I put the rod down
and took a look in. The fish had picked
up a fair bit of weed on its way in, so
I couldn’t get a proper look at it to see
which fish it was, but despite this I
could see it was a good’un. I bit
through the line, and then started to
peel off the weed to a point that I
could see which one it was. On looking, I could see it to be a fish known as
the Big Lin, and I was over the moon,
as this was a cracking looker, and was
high on my wish list. A couple of guys
came and helped out with the weighing and photos. At 37lb 6oz I was well
happy, and we set about getting the
photos done. With the pictures completed and the beauty returned to the
lake, I sat down and took stock of how
things had turned out. I couldn’t get
over how well it had gone for me –
three fish in a day, all off the same
spot, and all on the Amber Choc Malt
The weather got a lot warmer for
the rest of the week, and as a result
the fish just sat up in the upper layers
and didn’t want to feed. I didn’t have
any other fish, but did lose one more a
couple of days later off the same rod
as the previous three fish – for some
reason the hook pulled at the start of
the fight. I spent my last day stalking
them up in the corner of the lake by
freelining with corn, but I couldn’t get
any of them interested in feeding. I
had intended staying on until the
Tuesday night, but decided to call it a
day on the Monday afternoon and I
packed up. I was, after all, more than
happy with what I had caught. Deep
down I knew my time was over on the
Manor, and it was time to go. I never
did receive any action on the right
hand rod in the end, which amazed
me really, as the spot was a known
feeding area.
As I packed up, another angler
decided to drop in behind me and
give it a go in the swim. I bade my
farewell to a few people, and pulled
out of the lake for the last time. I had
really enjoyed my two years on the
Manor, in which time I caught some
cracking fish, but I have a new interest now in the shape of a place called
Cleverley Mere, home of some amazing looking fish, true English beauties.
Incidentally, just as I pulled up on
my drive I received a phone call from
the other angler to inform me that he
had just had a fish known as Stella at
a weight of 45lb. Guess where from –
the right hand spot of all areas! You
can’t win them all, can you? n
George with the Annie at 59lb 12oz.


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