FL09June - Page 170

In Search of
Monster Carp
Rob Maylin chats to John Elmer – Part 2
arrived for the next session,
and set up. Like I said, the
weed was horrendous; there
was one massive hole, but
you couldn’t get a lead to it.
People probably would have
tried fishing it, but I think it was suicide. You would have lost anything
you hooked, and I’m not prepared to
fish for fish just to get a bite, only for it
to weed me up or the hook link to
snap. But I was watching these fish
constantly, and not just the odd fish;
there were 20-25 fish out in this hole.
They aren’t stupid – it’s a safe haven,
and they knew. I can remember sitting here on the Sunday morning, and
I thought right, there’s no one else on
here, so I’m going to let you have it
where you feel safest. So I put about
2 -3 k g o f thi s ne w ba i t i n, a nd I
Split Pec, 22lb 10oz, Road Lake.
thought right, next week I’ll come
back up for a fresh start. So like I said,
I was thinking about it all week at
home and at work, thinking there was
no other real bait going in, and I’d put
2-3kg in this hole. You could tell they
were so confident in staying there,
because they knew they were
So I came back up the next week,
and I set up in No.5 funnily enough. I
put on the new fresh baits with less
flavour, and I did the Friday night in
there. Another good angler up here,
one who I’ve got a lot of time and a lot
of respect for, is Peter Bond, and
we’ve become really good mates.
He’s a smashing fella, and he was
absolutely slaying them on here that
first season of mine; he just couldn’t
put a foot wrong. Wherever he was
going he was catching them, and he
was catching the better ones. I think
he ended up with Clover three times,
and he had the Dink, the Scattered a
couple of times, and the Big Lin.
W h e n y o u ’r e s e e i n g s o m e o n e
absolutely rip a lake apart like that,
you’ve got to pay attention to what
they’re doing, and show the fella
some respect. I don’t mean literally
sitting on his shoulder, but I leaned a
lot from Pete. I can remember waking
up in No.5 on the Saturday morning,
and they were going absolutely mental in Chestnuts, a swim just one up
from where I was fishing. Pete was in
the swim where I am today, and he’d
obviously seen what they were doing
too. They were fizzing up, and he
phoned me and he said, “You’ve got
to move,” so I moved into Chestnuts.


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