FL09June - Page 171

In Search of Monster Carp
It was a swim I hadn’t fished, and it
was known as a winter swim, but
they were there. I remember just flicking two 2oz leads out to two areas
where they were showing, and I got a
drop, so I thought this is alright, I’m
They stopped showing probably
late Saturday afternoon; it just went
dead. I put a couple of single hookbaits out, and I thought right, this is
my time. If they were going to come
back the next morning, I wanted to
make sure there was a bit of bait there
for them. So like I said, I watched
Pete’s approach, and Pete likes a bit
of bait. Now it’s never really done me
particularly well in the past, but I
think that’s more because I fished the
edges, and this was more open water
style of fishing. I thought well I’ve got
nothing to lose here, so I just piled it
in on both rods – I thought, I’m just
going to let you have it, so I put a couple of kilos out over each rod.
Anyway, the Sunday morning came
round, and I was still biteless. I
remember waking up on the bedchair; I was laying there, and all I
could hear was the church bells in the
background, thinking, not another
blank! What did I have to do to get a
bite from this place? Just as I thought
I couldn’t take much more of this, it
just one-noted; it was an absolute
flyer, and it was panic mode. I think it
had been three months since my last
bite, and I just didn’t know what to
do. I remember I ran out to the rod
and hit it, and I was playing it when a
few of the lads came round. It weeded
me right under a snag; the line had
caught on a branch and into a big
weedbed. I thought, I don’t believe
this; I’ve waited three months for this,
and I’m going to lose it. I put the rod
down on the rest, and I managed to
climb out on the tree. I was jumping,
bouncing the snag to see exactly
(Above) View from swim no.5, Road
(Below) 12lb 4oz mirror, Road Lake.


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