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In Search of Monster Carp
I’ve had a 36lb’er from the Road, and
I’ve just had a 30lb common out of
Sutton, so things were definitely looking a bit better than they were three
months previously. I do believe in
fishing that what goes around comes
around, and you always get your just
rewards. It might not happen exactly
when you want it to happen, but it
normally pans out, and the more effort
you put in, it tends to balance itself
out. Then I think I went back and did
another evening on Sutton. I think I
managed to have another 20lb common within a few hours of setting up,
in exactly the same area, the Beach
area, so I ended up with three fish
that week; a couple of 30’s and a 20.
I managed another three bites out
of Chestnuts from the very last week
in September up to the 27th October,
but had no more of the big ones. I
think it was a couple of 20’s and a 19,
but I was still happy with them.
You’re fishing for the big ones, but to
me, it’s about getting bites. The more
bites and the more consistent you are,
the law of averages says you’ve got to
start picking off the betters ones in
amongst them. So I ended up with
another three bites up until the end of
October. Up to then, I think I’d had
eight and dropped one, so it was
starting to balance out. I was stubborn about the bait to start with, but I
look back now and wonder if I hadn’t
been so stubborn and changed the
bait a bit quicker, whether I could
have had a better few months, but
like I said, you learn and I learned the
hard way.
I fished through November, December, January, February, and March.
December and January were hard; I
was up here on my own, driving up
Friday night from work in the pitch
black, with the rods clipped up, and it
was hard work, but that’s me. When
I’ve got the bit between my teeth, I
can’t let go, and I kept thinking, just
keep plugging away. I had come off
my fishmeal by then, and I was mucking about with some other bits and
pieces, but I thought just keep plugging away and it will happen. Well the
Road Lake obviously thought differently, because for the next three or
four months it was like the previous
three of four months at the start of the
season – it just absolutely punished
me, and I just could not get a bite.
There were a couple of times I was
definitely on fish. I remember Nigel
coming down with Ben Hamilton, and
I was in a swim called the Launch. I’d
had had a couple of good liners, and I
thought right, I’ve found them. I’d
seen a little bit of fizzing, nothing
major, but I’d seen the odd one show
at night. I was sitting up to midnight
every now and again, and it was ever
such a subtle show. If you weren’t
watching, you wouldn’t have seen
them, and you definitely wouldn’t
have heard them; it was just like the
snout would pop out and drop down.
I can remember fishing really, really
hard right up until the middle of February and Rob was down here. I think
he’d come down to do a session with
us, and in the end he was the one
who said, “Look, you’re going to make
yourself ill.” But as I said, when I’ve
got the bit between my teeth, there
was no way I was letting up after
being on here so long in winter. Then
as I said, Nigel came down, and the
only way to describe it was that he
gave me a lesson in how to catch
I’d actually done a night in Chestnuts again, and had them showing on
me, but couldn’t get a pick-up. That
morning, Nigel had actually had a
bite, but his Neville had packed up.
He woke up and his initial thought
was that the fish had gone, but it hadn’t. He wasn’t too sure what time he’d
had the bite, but the fish was still on.
He was having a chuckle because he
thought at one point he was going to
pick the rod up and my buzzers were
going to go because the fish had gone
that far, but it was locked up in a
weedbed. He got it in, and he started
to piece together that they were
showing a lot in that Chestnuts area.
I think it was more that they were
waking up and cleaning themselves
off, because they had been seen there
on a regular basis, and not just one or
Ghost common 19lb 4oz, Road Lake.


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