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In Search of Monster Carp
same with Nigel, but they’re not
catching every time; they too go
through their hard times.
2008-2009 season
John: So that was basically the end of
the 2007/08 season. That closed season I took on board everything that
had happened up there that year.
After my first season I walked away
with eight fish, and one lost, so I had
nine bites. The water’s not close to
me; it’s an hour’s drive, and although
people phone you and tell you what’s
going on, it’s not the same as being
able to walk it all the time. I was fishing strictly weekends only, and in the
end I don’t think I did too badly. I’ve
always been particular about my bait,
but I actually went right into it that
closed season. I’ve never thought
about bait so much as I did about
what I was going to come back and
use for the 2008/09 season. I ended up
formulating something I was more
than happy with, and went down to
see Gal at Poachers who put it
together for me. During the phone call
I got when it was all rolled, he even
said he’d rolled a lot of bait over the
years, but what I’d come up with was
a winner.
So I was keen to get down there
and have a look at it. I remember
picking it up from Gal, and it was just
spot-on; it wasn’t overpowering, and
it was a bait that washed out quickly,
so I was more than happy. I was ready
to come back up with it and have
another go, so then it was just basically a case of willing away the hours
through the closed season. Being a
head bailiff on Sutton I had a lot of
work parties to do there, plus I also
came up and helped Rob up at the
Road Lake, just to have a look around.
It was nice to see it all starting to
grow back up and the banks starting
to recover from the hammering we’d
given it over that season.
Being head bailiff of Sutton meant I
couldn’t actually attend the draw for
the Road Lake for the first 48 hours,
but I had spoken to Barney, and Rob
(Above) Big Lin, 34lb 4oz mirror, Road
(Below) Orange Spot, 37lb 10oz, Road


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