FL09June - Page 179

In Search of Monster Carp
wanted to fish Sutton, and I wanted to
fish here, so we asked if it would be
alright if we put each other’s tickets
in at each other’s venues. Barney
being Barney said it wasn’t a problem, and he was more than happy for
us to do that, so that’s what we did.
I’d like to say it started off well, but it
didn’t. I got Rob a brilliant swim on
Sutton, and I ended up in a swim
called Pentagon, which is right down
the other end, in which you fish no
more than 5yds from the bank if
you’re lucky. So when he phoned me
up he said, “Are you sitting down,
mate?” I thought here we go; I’ve got
one of the good ones here, but then he
told me I’d drawn Pentagon. He was
trying to fill me with confidence, saying that it wasn’t a bad swim; it does
do a bite, and you never know. I just
thought, here we go again, the Road
Lake is continuing from where it left
off at the back end of the last season,
and it’s going to punish me again.
So we came up and we had a
wicked BBQ – all the lads were up
here, we had a gazebo up in the car
park, there was plenty of food, and we
had a drink or two. All the usual suspects were there – Nigel, Terry, Peter
Bond, Steve Wade, all the bailiffs and
me. I have to say all the bailiffs on
here are sound, more than helpful, and
they’re a good bunch of lads all of
them. One fella in particular, Micky
Neighbour, will have a wind-up at any
opportunity; he’s so quick-witted that
you just can’t afford to leave yourself
open with him, otherwise he’ll just
ruin you. Another good friend of mine
was up there too, young Rob, who we
call Grizzly because of his beard. I
think we all got up here about midday
or 1pm, waiting for the off, so you can
imagine, we’d had a few beers and a
bit of food by the time the magical
hour kicked off.
I think the first person to draw first
blood was Micky; he’d got in No 1 and
he banked Orange Spot, in the early
hours of the first morning, about 3 or
4am, Nigel was in the Launch, he
then bagged the Big Lin at 35-36lb,
like I said, Micky had had Orange
Spot at 38lb, and he sent me a text
(Top) The Brown, 36lb, Sutton.
(Right) Mirror 24lb, Road Lake.


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