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GP Batteries’ Range of Powerbanks & Award-Winning
Torches make the Perfect Gift for Gadget Loving Dads
If you’re looking for the perfect gift for
your gadget-loving dad this Father’s
Day, then look no further than the
new range of powerbank mobile
chargers and award-winning beam
torch range from GP Batteries.
Designed for those who require a
premium, high specification flashlight, the beam collection feature a
lumen range of 100 to 1000, high quality CREE LEDs and aircraft grade aluminium. With a rugged ergonomic
design and high quality finish, models
in the range offer easy one-hand operation for effortless light control.
With eight models in the range, key
features include:
• Hardwearing anodized protective
• OPX-4 water resistance
• High/low brightness settings
including SOS function
• Tail stand/anti roll
• Reverse polarity protection
• One-hand focus system
Ke y t o t h e c o l l e c t i o n i s t h e
rechargeable High Lumen
Rechargeable PR57 (SRP £84.99 –
power bank not included), which can
be paired with the GP range of
portable powerbanks. With a range of
1000 lumen, this powerful flashlight
features three brightness levels plus
strobe to suit different applications
and needs, tactical dual switch for
direct one-handed operation, instant
strobe and momentary-on, PWM regulation for accurate light output at
different levels.
T h e Ta s k P 3 6 D u r a b l e ( S R P
£34.99) offers a slim design, which fits
easily in a pocket or toolbox. This
torch has a lumen output^ 300 - 25
lm, three brightness levels plus strobe
to suit different applications and
needs, a comfortable one-handed
focus system and an advanced half
press switch for momentary-on.
Compact, lightweight and portable,
the Penlight PP13 (SRP £24.99) is
ideal to pinpoint and illuminate specific areas, where larger, more bulky
torches are unsuitable. It is highly
portable, compact and lightweight
with a lumen output^ 100 - 15 lm,
comfortable one-handed focus system and PWM regulation for accurate
light output at different levels.
Ideal for charging devices on the go
to ensure you never run out of power
when you need it most, GP Batteries’ range of powerbank mobile
chargers offer energy storage capacities from 2600 mAh to a substantial
20,000 mAh. Models in the range are
suitable for charging Apple and
Android mobile phones, laptops,
IPADS, MP3 players and all USB
enabled devices such as digital cameras.
Welcomed by airlines, GP’s TRAV
O SAFE mobile powerbank (SRP £25)
conforms to the latest airline safety
standards for carry-on and check-in
baggage and is a perfect backup
power source to recharge mobile
devices on your travels. Meeting all
travellers’ needs, while delivering
superior protection from over-heating,
over-charging, over-discharging and
short-circuits, the TRAV O SAFE
offers 1.5 full charges for any mobile
Perfect for staying connected onthe-go, the small but mighty 1C02A
mobile powerbank (SRP £7) is an
ultra-compact 7cm and only 65g, with
an energy storage capacity of 2600
mAh; letting you continue to chat,
call and message wherever you go.
Convenient to use, the simple, pocketfriendly 1C02A will fully recharge a
mobile device once.
One of the fastest and most reliable
mobile rechargers available, the
FP10MB mobile powerbank (SRP
£35) is perfect if staying connected is
essential. With a sleek aluminium finish casing, the high capacity powerbank (10,000mAH) has the power to
fully recharge a smartphone up to four
times; letting you continue to communicate, make business calls, email,
and message, all without ever losing
connection! The quick-charge input
also means that the powerbank can
be recharged and ready to go in just
4.5 hours. The dual outputs also
means that you can easily recharge
two devices at the same time, and
with the intensive safety features you
can do so without fear of over-heating
or over-charging.
To see the full GP Batteries beam
and powerbank range visit:
http://uk.gpbatteries.com/uk_en/ n


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