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In Search of Monster Carp
down in Pentagon, “Had my first one,
Orange Spot, well happy.” For anyone
who hasn’t seen the Road Lake, in
Pentagon you’re pretty shut off. You
can’t really hear or see much; all you
can hear is a buzzer, and you’re wondering where it’s coming from. You’re
looking up, but you’re only fishing in
close, so you’re trying to keep the disturbance down. I think Micky went
on to have another one that day; he
had a fish called the Pug, another
mid-30. The first 48 hours didn’t go
how I’d planned it. I was with my
good mate Pete Bond, who was in a
swim called the Secret, and as usual
when you fish with Mr Bond, there
was never a dull moment. So that was
the first 48 hours, and then I had to
pull off.
I actually booked two weeks off
work for the start of the season. I
thought, I’m going to get up and get
at it from the off up at the Road Lake.
I thought, I’m not going through what
I went through last year, so I pulled
off, went back home, sorted my kit
out, and I went and did the draw on
Sutton, which was the 3rd June. The
day I came back from the Road, I
remember popping down and seeing
another Wadey, called Road Lake
Wadey, who obviously fished up at
the Road Lake, and Yateley; he’s been
everywhere, he’s otherwise known as
The Kosovan, and I’ve become good
mates with him. I remember he was
set up in a swim called the Trees, and
this was mid-afternoon on the 2nd
June. I was sitting there and there
was a lot of fish activity round from
the Trees, and I remember sitting
there chatting to him. He hadn’t done
much time up on Sutton, but I think
he had a little dabble the year before.
I remember sitting there asking
myself if anyone had really let them
have it with some bait, and he said,
“No, about 20-30 baits.” They were
just ripping it up, which was unusual
on Sutton, because you haven’t got
any weed. They fizz up on there, but
not compared to what I have seen, for
example how they fizz up on the Road
Lake, where you get massive plumes
of bubbles coming up.
Then I remember going home, getting all the kit sorted out, and then
going down for the draw. I got my
favourite swim on the lake; I managed
to get the Pea, which is a bit like the
Hole. I’d had a lot of fish out of the
Pea; it’s a swim I know very well, so
while setting up, my confidence was
brimming already. I knew there were
fish in that corner, so I put two rods
out on two known spots that I like to
fish, and let them have it with some
bait. I was sitting there and I think it
was roughly, I don’t know, about 5.306am, and I had an absolute screamer.
I was playing this fish, and everyone
was looking, but no one had actually
come round to see me at that point. I
was playing it, and Sutton, being a
murky water, you can’t tell exactly
what you’ve got on. Then it came up
to the surface, lay there on its flank,
and then shot off, and straight away I
knew what I had hooked. It was the
Brown; a very hard fish to catch, and
the last capture was also to me, twoand-a-half years previously. All of a
sudden, panic mode set in again.
Don’t get me wrong, even though it
was a recapture, you don’t want to
lose any fish, but that fish is one of the
jewels of Sutton, because a capture of
(Top) Shot from the bar swim.
(Left) Split Pec, 22lb Road Lake.


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