FL09June - Page 182

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Mirror 19ln, Road Lake.
(Below) Mirror, 27lb 10oz, Road Lake.
it is rare as rocking horse poo. I
remember my mate Steve walking
into the swim asking if I knew what it
was, and my first words were, “It’s the
Brown,” and he was like “Yeah alright,
Anyway, I got it in the net, the
phone calls went round the whole
lake, and everyone wound in because
it’s a fish that you don’t get to see
very often. As I was unhooking it, I
think it was Johnny Miller or Kodak
who turned round and said, “You’re
the first person to ever have that
back-to-back; no one has ever caught
it twice on the bounce.“ I was quite
blown away, more than happy with it.
As I said, it was a repeat capture, and
I think a few people wanted to red
card me there and then on Sutton. But
anyway, we did the photos, put it
back, and I think a couple of hours
later I had another bite and landed a
23lb mirror. So I had got off to a good
start on Sutton, but the only reason I
had gone back there was because I
had the two weeks off work, and
since it was a 48-hour rule on the
Road Lake, there was no way I was
just going to sit indoors for two days
and not fish. I thought the Little Fully
was still more than due out, it being
the first week of the season, so I kept
flitting in and out. I pulled off there
that evening, and I went back the following day, but had nothing. I can’t
remember where I ended up fishing; I
don’t think I got back in the Pea, but
then I was due to come back up to the
Road Lake on June 4thor 5th.
I had come up, had a good walk
round. It was the changeover time,
and I’d got up in time to change over
with the angler who was in Reeds, so
I set up in there. I remember it being


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