FL09June - Page 183

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Shot from the hump swim.
(Below) Mirror 12lb 7oz, Road Lake.
quite warm, not overly stifling, but it
was nice and humid, and cloudy. I did
a night in the Reeds, and basically the
old doubts started creeping in again
ever so slightly. Although I’d just
banked one of the jewels of Sutton, I
was starting to get a little bit hesitant
on here again, so not doing what I did
last year, I wound the rods in, had a
good walk round, and found some fish
in a margin spot in a swim called the
Hump. So without further ado, I ran
back round, packed up, brought all my
kit round, and set up in the Hump. It’s
a bit of jiggery pokery how to get a
rod there; it’s a bit of mucking about,
and a lot of people probably wouldn’t
go to the extent of doing it, because it
is a bit of a pain in the arse to get a
bait where I was getting it. But I managed to get a rig right bang on this
spot. The fish had moved off at that
point, but there’s a main snag to the
right, and all they were doing was
drifting in and out, and it took me a
couple of casts to get it up there. I
knew I had spooked them, but not
spooked them right off; I knew all it
would have done is pushed them into
the snag a bit. So I crumbled a few
baits in there, came back, and sat on
my bedchair.
You know what it’s like when
you’ve got fish in your swim; it’s hard
to keep away from it, so every 20 minutes or so I kept going up and having
a little look, and I saw the group of
fish, and they were right bang over
the rig. Every now and again you’d
see one drop down and pick up a few.
I’d come back, and sit by my rod
again, thinking it had just got to be a
matter of time, but still nothing happened. So I walked back down there
again, and there were only a few more
baits left. I could see the hook link, the
bait; I could see everything. So I
thought, this is getting ridiculous, I’m
going to go back and forget about it. I
remember getting on the old bedchair
thinking, just try and have a kip for an
hour; you can’t do any more, you’ve
got a rig right bang on where they’re
having it. Well my eyes must have
been shut for not more than 20 min-


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