FL09June - Page 184

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) 18lb 8oz mirror, Road Lake.
(Below) Mirror 24lb 1oz, Road Lake.
utes when the right hand rod burst
into life. I played it in, and it was a
nice mid-20 mirror, a recapture of one
that I had had the previous season,
but I was up and running. So I did
some shots, put her back, and was
buzzing quite a bit. Now that was on
the 5th June, and I think that was the
only bite I had that session, but like I
said, I was more than happy. I had got
the first one under my belt, and I still
had about a week and a bit of my hol-
iday left.
Then I remember going back down
to Sutton. I think during that time of
me being up here, the Little Fully had
come out again down at Sutton again,
so I just missed out on that, but such
is life. I just think at the end of the day,
sometimes your name is on them, and
sometimes it’s not. Once that had
been out, I didn’t bother going back to
Sutton; I just started having a couple
of days at home, and then I’d come
back up for my next session.
So, I came back up for the next 48,
and managed to get in the Hump. It
was getting hotter at that point, and
the fish were getting in these snags
quite frequently. I was seeing them in
there a lot of the time; every time I
was having a little mooch up there,
they were in there in numbers. Just to
the right, there’s another set of snags
that the Dink was just basically living
in. I was seeing the it on a regular
basis, every time I was coming up, so
I managed to get a rod back up to this
spot in the Hump, and did the same
procedures as last time. I did that
night, and I had another recapture – a
fish called Split Pec at 22lb at about


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