FL09June - Page 186

In Search of Monster Carp
midnight. Nigel was fishing next to
me in the Dog, and he came down
and helped me photograph it.
So I had had two bites, and they
were both recaptures, which I was a
little bit upset about, but on the other
hand, I couldn’t do any more than I
was doing. There was no way I could
get the rod back out in the dark, so I
remember getting up at first light to
the rig back up there. Clover, the Dink,
and all the others are stunning fish,
but the fish that I joined for was
Orange Spot. When I saw Nigel catch
it at the back end of the season, I
wanted to catch it. To me it looks a little bit like Mallin’s from Wraysbury;
it’s very plain, dark – just a stunning
fish I think.
Anyway, I got the rod back out, and
at 11am, I had another one-noter. This
fish was running me ragged all over
the place, and I had a good tussle with
it for about 20 minutes. The last part
of the fight was a bit like a dog on the
lead. Then it came in, straight
towards me, and I could see the width
of it. Nigel and everyone were there; I
didn’t know which one it was but I
(Top) Putting back a mid-20 mirror,
Road Lake.
(Below) Mirror, 24lb 10oz, Road Lake.
knew it was a good one. I got it in the
net and we were all looking at it, but
it didn’t register with any of us. Then
all of a sudden, I turned it in the net,
and there was the hump – it was
Orange Spot, and I was totally blown
away. I had caught my target fish, and
although Clover and the Dink are bigger fish, that was the one I really
wanted to catch. So as you can imagine, I was absolutely buzzing, the confidence in the bait was there, the confidence in everything I was doing was
there, and all of a sudden that element
of doubt had gone. So I photographed
it, Nigel got some brilliant shots on
the video camera, and the rest of that
session was a bit of a daze, and a bit
of a party celebrating.
I had to pull off again for another 48
hours, and then I came back again.
Anyone who was fishing there could
have gone in the Hump, but they
were leaving it for me, and no one was
going in there because they knew I
only had two weeks off work. I would
like to thank Pete, Nigel, and the others for that, because you don’t get


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